Did they make 6*s AR do too much?


Of course you can get around him, but he hangs around and lengthens a match. Carl doesn’t do much damage but he can carry a stun and… heal, which is a huge benefit to a tank team. There are other things too, but with the basic outline most get the point I’m making


Yes. I agree Koa delays the death of your team by 1-2 turns. But michonne does the same trick. It’s just more of an inconvenience. Experienced players shouldn’t have a problem with Koa I wouldn’t think. Just my experience with koa.


Shields are about keeping you targeting them so your other toons have a chance to rush and with proper weapons stunning you. This turns it into more rng opportunities for the defense and becomes extremely annoying. 10-14 rounds to kill. If you can’t beat your opponent, kill atleast 3 of their toons, if you can’t go that, stall em as long as possible.


That’s the point of koa is to prevent u from preventing the other teammates from going off and if set up right a character(s) can go off round 2. And no michonne does not do the same trick you can legit round one michonne and she is out the way its only with absolute defense is what saves her but that is if it actually procs and believe me a double attack weapon on tyresse and dwight can round one michonne if she is not procing the AD, cant do that with koa. Fine line between reliable character and a unreliable character purely because of stats.