Did they make 6*s AR do too much?


There’s so many special skills, status’s, buffs and debuffs.

But if you look at the 56 (I think) 6*s ARs a lot of them are very similar.

Maybe they made the initial 6*s too strong.
The Carl’s, Mirabelles and Shivas…
So the trend continued with most and now there’s no way to go…

Just seems that even a lot of premier 6*s been released still don’t offer a massive bonus to what most already have…
Or maybe it’s harder to tell with all the status weapons now.

From raiding and creating teams…just thought to myself the game play seems to have got lost somewhere…I just can’t put my finger on it…if it’s even there at all.


Had to create incentive to let 6* exist


I think most of the premier toons are plenty powerful, theyre just not significantly more powerful than the freemium toons, which I like. The only reason we see so many more freemium toons is because they’re easier to obtain and thus more common. There is definitely slight power creep in six stars, but scopely has done an admirably good job of keeping it to a minimum, with perhaps the major exception of Erika.


Simple answer yes. They came out of the gate with affecting two and three at a time for more than one turn.

With the high stats, they really should have restarted the scaling to affect 1 to 2 for a single turn. 5s still could not have competed.

What I suspect is we will see them continue to round out the 66 and 76 AP playing field best they can for the next few months then see the creep to 58 AP (turn 1 becomes practical) and eventually 56 AP (in 6 month). 45 AP isn’t really needed as the 56 forces huge + huge on defense which makes certain weapons more valuable than others.

Eventually they will add the 45 but I suspect this to be a ways out to drive thorough adoption at all stages.

While all this is happening we will likely see the impact of active skills increase and potentially turn 1. At the moment, the actives are not a huge driver for specific toon adoption, but may become more impact full.


If they move toons to 45 ap, then there really won’t be a need for active skills. The two turn melee teams will be back in action.


I hope they don’t move to 45 ap, once that happens they will put the game to the exact spot it’s coming from where the spenders had too wide of an advantage, not that the advantage isn’t wide now but a really good f2p player should be able to beat any spender depending on weapons, they are doing a fine job of maintaining this far and I hope they continue to do so.


They have reached a balance where anyone can beat anyone. Defends are credited mainly to luck.

It keeps things competitive. A F2P knowing that he just has to ascend the right characters and craft the right weapons and he can maul through any defence, makes them invest their time into the game.

But the gap between f2p and p2p will widen a little more when they release the red, blue and yellow 6* shields. There are already 2 of them leaked (Dev for red and Magna for blue). Only the yellow is pending.

I said this once to my faction mate that many premier recruits are appealing because of their aesthetics. They only offer a little more damage or a convoluted AR. All we need to succeed we can get from the 5* token wheel, ascension or supply depot.

The only ones that can be consider above the rest are the disarm specialists and Erika. Any other characters are more of the same.

I hope it keeps like that, because if they build to big of a gap again, the game will die.


Where are the leaked photos @Increased_Chances


Shields are a waste. They won’t change the game anymore if you know how to use an active skill of stun, impair or confuse. And some toons even have focus.

I assume you don’t have the premier toons to be making a statement like that. One raid with Madison as lead would chnage your mind.

Yes, while you can beat most defenses with f2p toons, they take a lot longer and you also lose more toons along the way which both contribute to war scores.


Koa has been better than expected, his survivability means you have to keep dealing with him as opposed to stun/kill T2 or 3 with 5* shields. In combination with a guardian it can create a gap for ARs to pop when initial stun wears off. When used correctly Koa extends matches, creates possibility for time out, and can create windows for AR to kill a character or heal and extend a match.


When used correctly? You mean when people attack incorrectly… stun last two turns. So he can start shielding again turn 4… most or him should be dead by then. He hasn’t made any difference when I attack and we have a few at t4.


In raids a me (spender) and my free to play teammates thought raids have been a lot harder recently.

Not sure the anyone can beat anyone thing exists as much anymore.
It’s mainly about weapons but some of these premium toons do give a edge especially with a team full of them.
With a shield and/or status inflict from defending it gives the defending teams more than enough time to start shooting ARs off…stalling helps but one little mistake or misjudgement means doom.
Even winning tends to lose a lot more toons than 5* era.
With the incredible atk power sometimes they don’t even need to use ARs to take a member out.

Probably why I struggle against Range so much. No yellow or Blue revive.

And I agree… 45ap = death.
They will just reverse any strategy and thought they put into the game.
Everyone would realise that was a certain call and money grab before game dies.

I don’t think the game needs to even think about dying yet.
If Scopley keeps upgrading the olds systems and making them easier to update for future.
Then start looking at new events and ways to keep F2P in balance with effort.
I think it’s got years…but they need some imagination and get rid of some of there old practices that ruin people’s experiences.

They also need to figure out a way to give us variety by giving us old 5s to 6s while still making money without causing too big of a gap…(I’m not sure Scopley have got this figured out yet).
And to get back to the topic…I feel the reason may be the extensive stats and ARs there started with,




This are the leaks I was referring to.


I have premier characters and I don’t really see that much of a bump on offense tbh.

Attack is ridiculously unbalanced. If you feel that you need premier recruits to blitz by any defence, maybe your weapons are the problem.
Attacking is easy as it is, with or without premier recruits. I have on my faction people who can maul down any defence under 7 turns, with a full f2p team.

And they can do that while not losing a single member of their team.

I decided to add some 5* to my attack team just to see if I can increase the challenge, because war with all the identical teams as become a snooze fest. So, I try and make it harder just to see if things don’t get stale.

So, yeah, my statement stands.

  1. If Guardian hits 2x you’re not taking a team down that fast
  2. There are rushes AND active skills that remove stun

I meant when used correctly, maybe your region hasn’t figured that out yet.


Guardian can’t crit twice per turn. And yes there’s a team with zeke, kal and Koa… u can still use active skills on toons that are shielded. Koa is still only there as dead weight. Turn two stun with shiva (knocks him out for two turns) and if necessary, turn four active confuse with siddiq.


That’s just not correct, you can’t target a shielded toon with an active skill.

You keep forgetting that stun can be cleared…


Yup. Put a Joshua or Mirabell behind Koa to clear and he keeps on tanking.


Rockdale and apparently his whole region:


Mira wouldn’t survive turn 1 to clear. Maybe Joshua… to be honest though, actives on defense don’t work so much as AÍ is terrible… and as I said, you can confuse and impair Koa as well. There’s so many ways to get around Koa with actives especially since he’s ran behind Carl lead and Carl leads don’t do much damage.