Did they debuff 6* command glenn s rush?

Just seen my glennn only has +35 for def and atk instead of 165 def and atk??

you have to level up his rush

Maybe lvl up his AR to lvl 10

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Oh ok, that got me worried for a second


level up his ar with some liliths

Om, thank you

They de-buffed Lilith drops from world stages, in a round-about kinda way, you could technically appear to be correct with your wayward observation.

get away while you can…



I’ve gotten 2 Lillith drops in a day, and none in a week. That’s the nature of RNG.


i get a lilith every week. sometimes 2 sometimes 0


lies. I haven’t had one lilith drop since november

Lilliths are definitely still dropping. Probably not a good idea to call people liars just because their experience is different than yours.

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nah didn’t mean it like that. Its just my luck is terrible.

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