Did they change blue disarm Michonne in SR?

My Michonne is suddenly getting stunned and killed by reflect in SR. Anyone else notice this? Was there an update or is this a bug?

Disarm doesnt work on walkers anymore. Tbh, it probably never should have. Theyre walkers. Not humans with spec weapon abilities.


When did it change? Was there an update with it mentioned?

Literally the update that just came through. In the patch notes

Why do they always fix “bugs” as soon as I finally get a toon that could have let me exploit it?

So not fair. :wink:

Ok. Thank you. None of my patch notes mention this. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug. I get the concept of walkers not carrying weps. Too bad. Liked how it worked

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Was on the pinned thread for the update under “combat”
Also you can reference these threads found when i searched “disarm zombies”


I can’t wait for the next post in 72 hrs covering this topic.


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