Did the user accounts get transferred?


One would assume the user accounts would get transferred over. Was this the case? If so why did I have to create a new account?


No, it was stated in the post informing about the new forum that new accounts would need to be created.


Thought as much. I read a few of the new forums posts but must have missed it.



Yes! No transfer. Thought it would be better to start fresh since things were super unorganized. Also, happy to give old forum members a second chance who have been banned in the past. Start fresh. :slight_smile:


I am also looking to propose a working FAQ section in regards to game mechanics etc with past responses from the Devs in threads from the old forums that I personally have found very helpful. If there are any posts that you guys have found helpful in answering any of your previous questions, please do send me a PM with the link to those so I can add them to the list. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


That would be fantastic! Thank you Goddess. :slight_smile:


Has anyone been banned yet? When I quit the game soon, I want to be first to have that honor on the new forums. First non-leader/admin to post a thread and first to get banned.


Lol some person named IHateTWD got suspended today. No bans yet.

Don’t go for a ban Lee. :,( Go for a ban in-game before on the forums. I’d miss you!