Did scopely nerf drop rates?


I read people say armory crit chance was nerfed. But what I noticed right of bat back when new wheel dropped, I’d farm my ass of with drop leads and not even get a 1* Toon on world map. Not even getting weapons anymore. The other thing after war we all shared our epic pull results. About 20 or so of us and neither got anything g new that was added. I myself got my third command Morgan which prompted me to ask this.


I dunno bro, but the armory has been sweet to me lately. Stun guns left n right all week

I dont farm much, have little input


I’ll post a video of what I mean in a sec


If you’re not getting any weapons from world map, check if you’re above the 1000 weapon limit, then break/sell some as needed. As for Not pulling the newly added 5* from the wheel, that’s RNG for you lol. Both of my last crafts went critical, but didn’t get the desired result.


Drop rates seem the same to me. I get lucky every now and then finding 3⭐ weapons but toons evade me. Armory crit success is the same as well. I use both items in Lvl 3 Special Traits crafting and get the worst one: some bullshit that is activated when my or the enemy’s HP is below 30%. Lastly, my results with toon pulls is the same, if not worst. As always, Mirabelle remains the only ascendable 5⭐ I’ve ever pull. But everything else is a toon limited to SR or fodder. I’ve only did two pulls and got fast Lori and DGB Duane so none of those new characters yet.


Just an update, after testing I found that it’s not normal farming that’s been nerfed. It appears to be salvage tokens. I ran 13.3 with Rosa and Gator, got decent crap. Used gold token got crap and not characters. Used 1 more same result. Normally when I use gold tokens I get decent things. Went and did 23.8 same Rosa Gator thing. Got okay stuff. Did 2 remaining gold tokens and a silver, not one character dropped


I noticed something weird. For the first time ever after countless defender 3 red tries I got - 30 AP when attacking. Which is weird I wasn’t aware that was in defender or that it even existed


My last 4 attempts have failed to crit. That’s using all weapons territory bonuses.


I’ve been getting weapons every day, pretty much. I assumed they raised the drop rates.

The rate of the mystery bags in the gear map seemed to go up too


I haven’t been getting weapon drops either and when I do it’s 1 star or 2 star weapons and only like 1 or 2 of them. I used to get like 10 weapons per stage and usually a 3 star or 4 star weapon once out of a full can of energy. I haven’t got a 4 star weapon drop in months and the last 3 star I had was weeks ago. And no my weapons aren’t full I break them down constantly to get rid of excess wood.


I got a Lilleth today with a bronze token on 23-3, the last fornight ive got 3 total with bronze tokens.

Ive never had one show up any other way.


Yeah, I haven’t had any luck with a Rosa lead. Just weapons and 2* characters.


Lol got very large instead of huge ap bonus, 3% and 24%.
When people get a crit success twice in a row, they’re thinking about a nerf. That’s stupid. You can’t rely on your own experience to build an universal truth.


The 1000 weapon limit is useless, I get 1000 weapons and then the next message says I have 1003… maybe it’s a soft cap lol



I farm constantly, normally 13.3 or 17.4, i haven’t seen a 4* weapon in probably 2 weeks and a lillith in at least a month probably 2. By constantly i mean my energy isn’t full all day, only when i wake up. I spend cans here and there during the parade of SLUT’s to farm citizens same levels as well, unless i have to grind for shirts/gloves in 7.1. Lots of farming.


I have received multiple 4s weapons and lilith’s from 8.4 - 13.6 and several 3s toons.


Maybe i’m just unlucky as hell using double gators(mine and faction).


I hope armory didn’t get nerfed lol… I’ve had 8 crit fails in a row with both territories. So basically I’ve had 8 coin flips and all have landed the wrong way?!? Seems odd to me.


That would be odd if it was a 50/50 chance. Truth is the coin has more like 5 or more sides. One is the crit you want the others are not :slight_smile:


If you had 999 weapons, but got 4 weapons from a world map, they wouldn’t cap you at 1000 and make you lose the other 4 items, hence you have 1003. Additionally, weapons pulled via wheels or boxes goes above the 1000 cap, like basic token wheels.