Did S Class Need A Buff?

  • Yeah,They Needed A Buff
  • No,They Did Not Need A Buff
  • Indifferent

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They did the exact same to the first 6* ezikiel shiva force as he only had 1,000 defence 900 attack and 1,500 health or something like that and then they buffed him too have even more


A buff by like 200/300 additional stats point I wouldn’t care that much, but by doubling the toon stats? Fck no


without a buff s class wouldnt be able to end this game as quick as with the buff… sarcasm.


I don’t understand why they took it to such extremes???

It’s all or nothing for scopely.

To have mosts of players shout and whine and finally accept the stats when debuff comes … Same ole same ole

It wasn’t just zeke. It was actually soon after 6* came out, just before war started they decided to buff all 6* stats across the board. Players were still able to hold their own using 5* teams initially, but after the buff, 5* toons were torn through like tissue. That was the moment ppl talk about when they made everyone’s entire roster worthless overnight…


Funny thing is 6*s came out around this time 2 years ago and 5-10% quit so adding up over the years may have 25-40% that still play

I get they want to make money. But why don’t they listen to literally what the playerbase are asking for instead of dangling illogical auto-wins? So many spenders are sitting on the sidelines and this still won’t bring them back

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Yes they needed a buff … because it buffed out a ton of players

Whoever thinks they needed a buff needs to be checked out

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It was sarcasm

Their very existence is infuriating. What’s the point of grinding if you can get screwed by S-class teams?
I’ve personally never seen such bullshit since 2017, this is just a crime against the players.

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Well at least they responded covertly

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Voted Yes. And I mean appearance. They gotta be more buff. Its an ass class after all.


This is impossible to answer, as it’s unclear what their goal is with this (well, make money obviously, but the how is important).

It seems that they are switching the game essentially to a shard-based model. Instead of pulling and at some point getting the toon, you receive collectibles that you can at some point exchange for the toon; typically, you then need even more collectibles to fully upgrade them. This model has advantages and disadvantages. You can easily make things grindable long-term and reduce the impact of lucky pulls, while still allowing players to pay for a significant benefit by unlocking them much earlier. You also need to release fewer toons, as each one costs the spenders more.

If you want to do this sort of change, the new toons need to be much better than existing ones though, otherwise they would not be worth the additional money and time spent.

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hahahahahahaa JB the scumbag


That right there should tell you what they think of the players and #playersunited. Zero respect.