Did Rosa got a nerf

I noticed that in the last week or two quantity and quality (e.g. 4* weapons) of item drops have reduced using Rosa as leader…did anybody else noticed this or it’s just my luck letting me down

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As I understand it (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) drop leads don’t change the quality of drops, they change the quantity of drops. Without Rosa you might get 10 items to drop, with Rosa you might get 16 items to drop, all totally random


it may be but I got a lot more 4* weapons since I got her

Chris is right. Drop leads have been explained as quantity over quality. best way to see it is based on quantity of 4* items like refined powder n weps with and without.

Using any drop lead increases quantity of said item caches in each stage, size of the drop lead can increase said caches more… so without a drop lead you may get 1 or more weapons to drop per stage, adding a drop lead will increase the amount of weapons that will drop, more chances to get the 4 star weapon in said weapon cache in that stage to trigger.

Yes I had regular drops quite often and they have slowly vanished I’ve only had one four-star weapon in the last month and I farm regularly with Larry Rosa Ezekiel and Jesus and no doubt my best dropper is Larry all mediums but Rosa

I use Rosa as a drop leader to farm.

I’ve had the best drops for so long. I used to average 5-7 four star weapons a week, a Lilith two or three times a month, (i have screen shots to prove it) I used to have the best drops!

Haven’t had squat drop since the new year.


They are doing their biweekly drop nerf.

its almost the same for me…but i had good drops(4* weapons every 2 days) in the first two weeks of 2018, after that nothing

No, she did not get a nerf.

It is simple odds. You hit a purple patch and rolled in a lot of weapons when you started using her. Maybe it coincided with starting to use her, ergo you assumed (fairly) that she was the cause.

As has been mentioned, she only impacts quantity and not quality. In fact, it has been shown that two medium droppers offer the same bonus as a single large, and two large do not offer any additional bonus (because the maximum quantity of drops is capped).


In no way am I questioning you but am interested in where was that stated? Or can you share the link with the proof? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :cat:

Someone did some top notch research, which unfortunately am citing from memory, but if you run 13-5 or similar stage you’ll see you never get more than 24 gear items with double medium droppers. Same should happen with a single large and double large.

Large droppers therefore basically only help when your faction mates get precious about defends…

Awe okay. Thank you for the info. I might just test it out and start counting. Lol.

It feels like that to me also, only 1 4* weapon from 35 cans.

Another thing drop lead do increase quantity not quality, etheir way overrall the 4* drops for me have diminish.

I remember most of that but I’ve never seen support for the statement that one large=two medium droppers. I just ascended Gator and first run through 13-3 was 19 items.

I’ve never commented on that statement because I didn’t have one but I don’t think I’ve ever had so few drops with double medium.

I don’t know, I regularly only get 20-22 items running Rosa on her own, so large must be slightly less than medium x2

Did Rosa get a nerf?

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It’s kind’ve of shitty that it simply increases qty but not directly quality, seems stupid. It’s almost like on collection roadmaps when it hurts you by pushing things out’ve the item pool. Wouldn’t be surprised if it does that now for the things we really want like liliths.

I don’t have Rosa and not be taking Gator Aid long enough to confirm. @Aegris seems to suggest I’m wrong, but it’s similar quantity

I think drop bonus leaders are totally unrelated to character and survivor drops - I certainly rarely notice a change in number of survivor drops running two Large compared to a bronze token. Don’t think anyone has every discussed impact on particular character drops (e.g. 4★, 3★ or Lillith). I don’t think it ever hurts you on roadmaps, although I’m not sure what you’re getting at

Say the red plastic pieces, without drop leads you got it to drop everytime, with them it was 50/50. It’s been proven with similar collection style drop events based on roadmaps. Running no drop leads was the better team to run.

My assumption from that experience is that pushes things off the loot table that might be more consistent without the extra chances for every item.