Did not receive coins or pass from renewing monthly pass but was charged


I tried renewing my pass yesterday and the game kicked me off right after I purchased the pass. When I logged back into the game, I received the 200 coins for the pass but the game kicked me off again. When I logged back again, the coins are gone and pass was not renewed. I tried contacting support and they said I purchased the monthly pass twice just seconds apart. How is that even possible? My bank statement says that I was charged for the purchases but I did not receive the renewal OR coins. Customer service then proceeded to tell me to contact google for the issue as they do not have the tools for payments? What? I didn’t even purchase through google, I purchased through iTunes. Who do I have to contact in order to get my coins and pass.


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Check your email for the iTunes receipt, at the bottom in small font it says report a problem, click that and follow the instructions


Wtf, the instructions just say keep surviving


Ya but they don’t say that… and your not helping the situation or the OP


Sorry, that was just another joke @s1acker6
I was hoping Kali would address it before the weekend…