Did not receive Coins i bought



I bought a big Pack of 8250 Coins recently and paid with Amazon for ~84€. And guess what, i didn’t get any ingame coins. After writing over three days with Amazon and Scopely Support none of them is willing to support me. Scopely Support says there is no order for me in their system, Amazon says that the order is transfered correctly. So nobody wants to give me my coins and my money seems to be gone.

And i am like, wtf? Why does Scopely not try to resolve the problem with Amazon? I gave them a Screenshot of my ordering confirmation, so they see that i paid for … well… for nothing at the moment.

@ Scopely: i paid around 5k€ in my time in TWD: RTS, i was willing to raise this number even higher. And all i got from you is a stupid “Sorry we cant help, go to Amazon and have fun playing our game”. Well if that is what you do for your whales then i am going to spend my money on other games.


Go directly to either google or Apple. Had that problem before, I got a refund. I went on the Apple website and claimed


why would you do that?


I think it is my own decision if i have the money to or not. I have - so i do.

@Charliechoo : You bought with Amazon Appstore and you got help from Apple Appstore? Sound a bit strange for me, are you sure this works?


Oh sorry, go directly through who you purchased from then, amazon, I see you already have. Would definitely pursue amazon more than scopely.

I purchased mine through Apple, there was a problem and Apple refunded me…took me a few days of constant emails but I got there. Good luck buddy.

And yeah it’s your money, someone people of nothing better to do than comment nonsense


print the conversation with scopely and send it to amazon, then print the one with amazon and send to scopley. tell them youll go and talk about this with the customer protection office or how do you call it in your state.


I think that Amazon has do all they can… They’ve involved their programmers and they found that the order was sent to scopely correctly. Scopely now says that there is no order in their system. Which is true i guess. But at one point my order was lost and i have no possibilitys to do something more. So i am in need that Scopely and Amazon work together and find a way to successfully help their customer (me). Why does Scopely is not willing to take my ordering confirmation to Amazon and demand a new transfer of the order? When there is nothing in their system about this order than it should be possible for them to reinitiate that process or to manually add it or whatever. My god, even if they compensate me with the coins they are not going to be broke … but all i got was “Well yeah no thanks by” - things. And that is totally unacceptable.


Nice username for the topic.


Scopely do you see through your forum? Maybe you want to write some words about this? @JB.Scopely


Hi @No_More_Money,

Sorry to hear about the issue.

I invite you to keep liaising with our support team until we can hopefully get to a resolution of the case, or a compensation for it, if eligible.

While Forums are the ideal place to surface and discuss various game issues, support ultimately is the way to have this addressed.


Hi @JB.Scopely,

thank you for your reply. As stated above i allready contacted your support team to find a resolution, but they say that there is nothing they can do which is why i am posting this on the forum. There seems to be two possibilities for me:
1.) Scopely Support helps me and try to find a solution with Amazon and me.
2.) Scopely Support does not help me and i have to go the harder way over customer protection office - and this is in no way a menace, i only want to point out my possibilities.


restarted your cell phone already? Sometimes this helps with the Amazon delay delivery bug…Good luck.


Show Amazon the support tickets from scopely support. That’s honestly all they are good for.


Why not just give him the coins? It shouldn’t be that difficult (you can keep a customer).
We are talking about pixels.
After all, he has a valid receipt of the purchase…


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