Did Not Receive Cake Rewards after transfering


Basically I transferred my account right before the event ended which shouldn’t be an issue and even though all my faction mates have received their reward. I have not. Can I get any help w/ this ugh @JB.Scopely


Rewards are always tied to regions.


But I transferred before the event ended by like an hour


I’m no longer in that region and I also transferred before it ended by a couple of hours


Transfer back get your rewards


Can’t for 10 days and 1000 coins. Seems legit :scream::roll_eyes:

Making the rules (assuming Scopely even knows what they are) crystal clear would be welcome change. Did they think no one would transfer during a month long event? Ok, sounds about right :man_shrugging:


Why? And spend 2k tokens just to transfer back and forth?

I’m in the same boat, but it is impossible for me to transfer back to old region as it doesn’t appear on region list.


You transfered before receiving the reward. So when they run the script that sends rewards you weren’t found. These run by region which is why we see regular delays after events.

I hope you get them, but I’m skeptical it will happen.


Sorry was just messing I have had my rewards not come with me either I’m a little bummed as well just wish they could have come without any problems


You think so hey. Should have put a warning to not transfer while event was going. Stupid.


no one of my faction, including me has not received the anniversary tokens, we just transferred today.


That sucks man please do go to support


Cmon scopely… figure your stuff out.


Also transfers are on a cd of 10 days


They should make this right for everyone. Running an event like this and opening transfers at the same time was a recipe for disaster if this was a possibility. People will leave over something like this.


I am very close to leaving for better or for worse


Yeah I’m gonna leave this game for sure


Will scopley replay to any of these coz I have friends that havnt resived them either. Please respond scopley tis not fair. Plz and ty


Still not got mine either, i transfered same day as it ended along with most of my faction. some of them have got the rewards, some are still waiting though.

fingers crossed


I transferred a few hours after the cake event ended and have yet to get my tokens…part 1 leaderboard also just doesnt show any score for me at all like I never participated in it @JB.Scopely