Did hordes, AOW, And blitz become a thing of the past

Ever since august. I haven’t seen hordes, AOW, Or blitz. I liked hordes for basil stashes since I used them to level up my 6 stars. And Aow for region only war. And blitz for short war. I did like hordes. But lets be honest. We only liked hordes for the stash which had Joshua in. How about AOW comes back and blitz. And horde with a new stash too. Just my suggestion. We only like hordes for stashes. So why not make a new stash for hordes with basil bennies, universal and ar 6 star trainers, gear, medals, and more. But yeah. AOW, BLITZ, AND Hordes been gone for 2 months. Basically making our gas cans worthless.


I hope not but I am beginning too believe that

They have given away a few hoard refills in stashes. I am going to bet plants versus zombies I mean hordes Will be back before too long.

About ■■■■■■■ time. They adding a stash?

Gonna buy out the gas cans in store.

What ever happened to that other sh1t show they launched, where factions attacked factions & you were never dead & kept attacking. I’ve been drinking that’s as best I can describe it.

Shit I forgot.

That disaster was known as onslaught.


I never understood the hate for onslaught it was zero stress.

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