Did green stun get nerfed?


I remember one of the programmers stating a couple of months back, that green stun on attack can take out red stun on defense.
I had noticed getting stunned on the recent road maps with the teams of train specific weapons.
Then today I was trying to capture a territory and I both stunned a red, and was stunned back in return.

Did something change, or is this a glitch?


I think that is intended, the two effects are applied simultaneously and one stun shouldn’t block the other


I’m Just going by what they said. Not to mention it never happened to me up until very recently, like the past update.


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It is working as intended, and it is being working like that away before past update. Check my same answer in an older thread:


Green stun has never been as effective for me not even close … espically when I’m fighting all green defense with stuns on all of them I nearly ever get stunned…


That the Thing I remember reading something about green stun being superior, at least taking precidence.

Its obviously been a while, and I could only find this, that sort of alludes to it.

Though I admit I honestly cant remember if it was this post or another one.


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