Did everyone get the right cards crate from war because I got the old crate

Seriously can they do anything right? How does that possibly happen?

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They suck. That’s how it happens. Now everyone gets a topographic map for their trouble.

This will be tough to fix and bs to people screwed. We know how good princess and mercer can be.

Less than 250 people affected so working as intended

Some in my faction have them, some dont.

Everything normal nothing to see here. :face_vomiting:

Same thing.
I dont have it, but the facmates do.

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I guess a few of us are getting screwed over.

Exactly the same here. Did show them when claiming, nothing in the inbox. I might not have noticed for a long time without this thread tbh, so thanks for the heads up. :confused:

Shows we were supposed to , but when they are in the inventory…no Mercer or princess…

What sucks is that I’m 200k cards from claiming s class Mercer. This would of put me a step closer. 9 missing crates with Mercer for me

Only up to Daiyu for me

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They have to fix this!

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dont collect if its the old crate let scopes fix yet another mistake first

I hope they fix it soon. I’m getting screwed over if they dont

Has anyone at Scopely realise that the current choice box is going to run out of use when a few more S Class toons are released? No room etc.

How about just S Class tokens much that can be used on a toon of the players choosing.

Absolute madness. @GR.Scopely

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I didn’t get mercer or princess either and I’m not in wave 1.

Hello everyone,

We are aware of the issue with some players not receiving the correct choice box following this weekend war.

Could the player’s impacted please send me via PM their account code and region of play so I can transfer this to the team for the investigation? :mag:




@GR.Scopely I’ve messaged you mine