Did everyone get the right cards crate from war because I got the old crate

I don’t see the mercer cards image0


Mercer too new still

but wasn’t he in the war collection crates?

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Each choice boxes will contain the following items to choose from:

  • 50 Blue Key
  • 50 Ice Cream Cone
  • 50 Chocolate Cake Slice
  • 50 Bullet
  • 50 Vanilla Cake Slice
  • 50 Aarav Card
  • 50 Guo card
  • 50 Wangfa
  • 50 Daiyu card
  • 50 Princess card
  • 50 Mercer Card
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Yep. They messed up. We were supposed to get those options.

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I have them in my options. :thinking:


All good here. Rank 17 rewards.

Mine had the option to pick mercer

We were ranked 9

Weren’t those rewards with mercer and princess for 1a crw only?

it’s for all waves

Are you sure you’re looking at the crates you got from this war and not the crates from a past war?

Edit: JK, same thing happened to me. Even when collecting it, the boxes showed Mercer/princess. After collecting it, they don’t have them.

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I’m looking at the very end

Shit @GR.Scopely what’s the deal here? Weren’t all waves suppose to get the option for mercer and princess cards?



Check the gif

I got the ones with mercer, not in wave 1

Faction mate got the ones with mercer and princess and I got the old ones…

Nope…no Mercer or Princess