Did everyone else get their compenstation reward?

No? Me neither.

Funny. Other mobile games I play in my down time for tap joy give out compensation when their servers go down for maintenance. We can’t get anything for the war start time and reward miss representation problems this weekend.


Compensation reward? Hahaha. I haven’t even got the regular rewards yet.


We’re not gonna see one. They kept war time the same length for this purpose. Even though it was a huge inconvenience for everyone.


Even if they didn’t extend the wartime they weren’t going to give out compensation. It’s not a thing they do. They don’t like us very much.

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Compensation is only given by a service provider that respects and values its customer base.


I got my Burt, grenade, smelling salt and 500 prestige points. Just be patient.

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War rewards came in and my game crashed twice trying to claim them. all my other rewards in the reward section disappeared. all my milestones rewards are gone. and I know they didnt get automatically claimed because me necklace collection hasnt changed. all my raid logs and messages from the last 3 weeks are gone.

Hehehe i guess Scopely is mad at me

Just wait a bit, this happens to me all the time. It’ll eventually refresh and everything will pop back up. :slight_smile:

It did thankfully

Damn, I was hoping for an elegant incense :crazy_face:. Maybe next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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