Did cakes reset for week 2?


On week 1 I placed somewhere around rank 750-800 with around 1000 or so cakes if I recall. I got 45 tokens for finishing in the top 1000.

Now I noticed I’m at rank 1200 with 440 cakes while players around rank 900 have 800 cakes. I should be around my original rank if cakes carried over?


They are supposed to reset, you already have been paid for those week 1 cakes with the 45 tokens. you don’t also keep them to count towards week, it starts over and you see how many you can get to place as high as possible again. that is how i understand it anyway


That’s how I understand it too. Why would they carry over. Then the ones who were already ahead will start out ahead and will only get further ahead.


Yeah you’re probably right I just found it weird that after the first week I was rank 750. Now 3 days into the new event, I’m at 1200 and I’ve gotten most, if not all the cake milestones given so far. Find it hard to believe 1200 players have scored higher in 3 days then the entire 1st week.


Your forgetting that people can buy cakes. I’m sure many have since the start of the 2nd week.


Also, some people may have not claimed all their cake rewards during the first half, to push harder for the second


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