Did anyone notice?

The small changes. Unless I missed it before did they just add hours to the world energy and raid energy timers

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lol noob


Oh boy…um your faction is holding a certain territory to speed up timers on world energy…


Yeah but when will it ever take an hour to regen 1 world energy

It doesn’t.


One thing I have started to notice is maim has stopped hitting though bonus hp and it gets pain splitter but the character you attack gets 600 maim damage when did this change as I don’t think it was announced

One thing I have started to notice is your post is on the wrong topic :man_facepalming:

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It is related to the title “did anyone notice?” Because a certainly noticed something may not be the same issue

Ya why don’t you change what op is asking and derail the thread! :+1: good job

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That exactly what I’m trying to do how did you guess

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