Did anyone got these characters? (Roster Proof)


I did get dis doe

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Sames I got her too

Mates got theese

I actually got Connor 2 Times

I pulled Leah, used her for ascendance before I could get stats.

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I see similairties to Abby

Don’t think you can get Dominic however he is a 4* revive not the best or really usable at all bi but hey he looks sort a cool

I don’t want to get them . I just want screenshots with them in roster

Mr Mekar Did you get any of those ?

That Andrew actually doesn’t seem all that bad.

Sadly not. So far I only got the Lori and 2 Blue Connors

Where did you get Connor from?

From the Ascendance, while attempting to get Bridget. Still haven’t got her :confused:

Thanks didn’t see him in the list of additions… want to get all the lightning relfexes characters.

That’s Pretty Easy. Only 2 have it :wink:

Thats the point

I just want all Allens, but thanks to Scopley it’s nearly Impossible

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