Did anyone ever receive the 5 star Skybound Rick edition yet?



People are claiming that some are not connected to Insider and still would receive him, is this some type of glitch? Couple years ago, I connected my Facebook account with road to survival, to receive Tyrese hammer. But also connected Insider with Facebook and received 3 star Tyrese. Did anyone else get him?

Still no rick.. as of yet

Nope. Generic reply from Support. Been an inside for 3 years.


I’ve seen screenshots, some did get him


How do I receive this Rick?



Nope, still haven’t got him.


You have to be a Insider member, idk if you link your Insider account to your Facebook? Or if it automatically links your account on the same email?


60% crit too, I mean it’s a free 5 star toon


I connected in the early days of the game to claim both weapon & toon, I’ve yet to recive this rick


Seriously? I just asked how to we become an insider so I can get him.


I used mine to ascend Morgan to six star lol


My guess is a week ago (or how ever long it’s been) when SOME people got their Rick, EVERYBODY (that qualifies) was supposed to get their Rick. The other copy/paste support message that gets sent out, the one that says “We can’t tell you why some people got him and others haven’t” (gotten that message myself) suggests to me they don’t know why or because they made a mistake and they obviously aren’t going to admit it. And they probably don’t want to hit the button again because it could mean people end up with 2 Ricks like we’ve seen with a few other mass rewards. They are frantically trying to root out who still needs their Rick without sending out duplicates is my guess.


I got no rick yet either. I have been an insider for about 3 yrs now.


Got him 3-4 days ago


Got a 4* Rick that looks just like him last week. Same weapon.



Everybody isn’t going to get him and if they do it will take 6 months or so at this pace


Try to unsubscribe then resub friend did this and it worked.I don’t want the rick so I don’t care lol


I seen some with him not many. I only want him incase he becomes ascend in future


i got him earlier today, just wait. you`ll get him, just takes time, you know how Scopes operates