Did anyone ever receive the 5 star Skybound Rick edition yet?

People are claiming that some are not connected to Insider and still would receive him, is this some type of glitch? Couple years ago, I connected my Facebook account with road to survival, to receive Tyrese hammer. But also connected Insider with Facebook and received 3 star Tyrese. Did anyone else get him?


Nope. Generic reply from Support. Been an inside for 3 years.

I’ve seen screenshots, some did get him

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How do I receive this Rick?

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Nope, still haven’t got him.

You have to be a Insider member, idk if you link your Insider account to your Facebook? Or if it automatically links your account on the same email?

60% crit too, I mean it’s a free 5 star toon

I connected in the early days of the game to claim both weapon & toon, I’ve yet to recive this rick

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Seriously? I just asked how to we become an insider so I can get him.

I used mine to ascend Morgan to six star lol

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I got no rick yet either. I have been an insider for about 3 yrs now.


Got him 3-4 days ago

Got a 4* Rick that looks just like him last week. Same weapon.

Everybody isn’t going to get him and if they do it will take 6 months or so at this pace

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Try to unsubscribe then resub friend did this and it worked.I don’t want the rick so I don’t care lol

I seen some with him not many. I only want him incase he becomes ascend in future

i got him earlier today, just wait. you`ll get him, just takes time, you know how Scopes operates

I got him on a noob account that I don’t even use, but I didn’t get him on my main that I spend money on…