Did anyone else get the raid crates?

I got one with 20 blue keys, what’s in the raid crates?

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Thank you

Hell no :rofl::rofl: I didn’t get a single one. Typical, I didn’t even know they were in there. Great communication their $¢∅₱@y

They are there. Just gotta keep raiding.

Lol I’ve been raiding, like crazy (for once :joy:) and still nothing. Guess my Account Code isn’t special. Fingers crossed maybe after my NRG refills I’ll get 1 :rofl:

I didn’t get any either, but could be RNG. Also could be different versions of update?

Have you burned cans? I’ve definately went through 6 raids without getting a drop.

Edit. Just finished milestones. 107 wins and got 34 drop crates.

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Just 6 raids, small sample size so I’m leaning more towards RNg

How many blue keys? All else worthless…

  1. One 200 and 3x20. They could surely get rid of the few selections.

100 raids 40 crates. 2 with 20 blue keys. 0 with 200 blue keys. All the rest seemed to balance equally. A nice addition for raid drops but nothing to burn cans over.

How did you do 100 raids without burning cans?? A bit of a contradicting statement…

He’s in my region. He burned up to milestones.

As with anything, it comes down to rng. I’ve gotten 2x200 and 6x20 so far. Since they are stating it’s only one tournament, I’m going to burn some for sure.

It is definitely worth burning cans…if only I had cans to burn…cry

Yes I used cans to get to milestones. Stopped. Opened crates to deciede if it would be worth going further. Realized it wasnt. Shared info with the community.

Definitely better than me but I I’ll hold off. I just dont think I’ll get enough keys to be worth using the cans.

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No keys, mostly gear markers, a few weapons tokens, elite tokens and 5* tokens :confused: