Did any one get the Michonne 5* or Ricks gun?

Did anyone get the 5* Michonne or Ricks gun they claimed we would see in 7 days? My account has been linked and I got no such of either. That’s another lie to add to the Plushies! Its been a month since they made that promise. No communication. No easier access to anything. Where is players united? I want to join bc I won’t ever back off. Ppl need to start having a reason to keep playing. I’ve never seen such poor business management as Scopelys in my life. The crappy missions to the unkept promises. Its a so shady.



By ricks gun do they mean that luger pistol?

I think so. I saw it in the weapon wheel. Only 200 stat and gold. No big loss its just the fact that its promised more then the actual weapon or character. I think its the 200 one. They aren’t giving us a good one for free. Lol

It’s like the glock and deagle. Purple 120 stats gold 80 stats empty 3rd spot.

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Just the Gun, would be enough. The Michonne is the Red Gatherer One, aviable in the Depot and Ascendance


No but i did get the pistol like twice from the weapon token wheel i think

I’d take either. I have a bunch of Michonne. But don’t have her. I have Winter edition fast, disarm blue, Strong 5* , blue 5* hp, but I don’t think I have the red gatherer…would be nice.

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I got a pistol with a red 5* rick. But I haven’t gotten this one. Lol

Nope still nothing! Just like the screwed up box compensation and the points from the Survival Road event that just ended.

I’m sure this crap will be just like the stupid free Skybound Rick incident.
Where it took almost 2 months & 15+ support messages with proof Screenshots before they finally got off their Inept arses and credited it to my roster.

Nope on the weapons

Haven’t got them yet.

Nope. I didn’t get either

No I didn’t get it either and what happen to all those other gear that we had tons and tons of and got nothing for it I’d like scoplely to address that once again because they made a promise these items would be used

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This was before I got a forum acc. I remember getting rifle rick. Scopely been making mistakes ever since the article. This is proof something happening


Nothing here as well

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linked too and still don’t get any of them

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I just got Rick’s Pistol (which i already had one of) and Alert Gatherer Michonne in my inbox. I’ve never had a Gatherer before, for her it say a medium chance of finding a 5-star recruit token crate in war. So would just using her as a lead for a stronghold clearing team work for that?

Dang idk but its worth a shot! Good thinking!

I finally got both???

Got the gun, no mich. Although others in my faction got both.