Did any one get a screenshot of CRW rewards

It was up for all of about thirty seconds then it got pulled down?

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It only said AOW and what not for 8 or so regions. Hence why I think it got pulled down

No the one i saw it showed three choice boxes for each region A,B,C @Kanaima got a post in before it disappeared.

It had all the rewards. Complete garbage.

Boxes for rotten heads or war tokens.

The one I saw @Tsarraz got a post in before it disappeared lol

There was also a major difference between the choice boxes, I am not sure exactly but it was hundreds of tokens and heads different

I got some screenshots except for milestones. Think there must have been mistakes though

Forgot exact setails. Disnt know i need to screenshot everything before they took it down in a minute

Rewards were like 2 choice boxes, one just full of S class items, other had 200~300 war tokens or rotten heads i think

Yea thats what i saw i was thinking it was the regions boxes, I was like WTF. it literally dissipated just as i saw that.

The milestones the same as last war? Velvet cake the first few and rotting heads the last?

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