Did all regions get solo SR and faction level up?

Just wondering if all got both.

Just fac levelup in Crenshaw

Prizes for SR

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That a FAC SR? We only have level up in Bacon

Solo. We have both events.

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Only lvl up in my region. What’s in the crates?

That’s so weird I don’t get why only select regions get this and not all ? I for one happen to like the SR events

@kalishane please indulge us?

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Trainers 2-5s and food.

Improved prizes on the last solo SR

They might as well go ahead and throw in a blitz for all regions because this week will be boring

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We have gotten them all so far.

You picked the right region mate :slight_smile:


Yet again no surprise event for our region. Some straight bs

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Miller is 100% every bonus event still.

They are probably targeting regions based on spending for a given even. Trying to milk y’all while they can.

I don’t spend, but the top faction does like crazy.

Wow better prizes then the Christmas event

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ooooh jajajaajaj only trash prize on my region