Did a 40 pull for shiva and not a single 5* from it

As the title says, did 40 and not a single 5*. WTH Scopely…


screenshot Dashs old post and get your refund man

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I did the same with the same result. I actually pulled 51 and not a single 5*

If you pull 80 you will get 2 5*s, I’m definite. Well if you don’t get at 80 go with 120 cause why stop at all.


Yea I don’t SS my pulls normally, but Scope can easily look at my acct and pulls if they want, seen them do it enough for others.

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Yes I know Lori, was the 1st 40 I did this promo, and they reset the counter each promo


Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


Here’s some advice: Get your refund and never spend again. Scopely’s never gonna change when people keep throwing money at them. Not trying to offend anyone at all, but what’s the point of spending money on a game you’re not enjoying?


Believe me, even if I had gotten some hot garbage 5* I’d have been like meh, and done another 40, but to not even get my fodder 5* isn’t cool lol

Pull another 40, you can do it!


Why bother lmao. There is a hundred dollars down the drain. Merry christmas.

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Who says I don’t enjoy the game? I believe it has many flaws, and needs someone who actually plays at a high level in Liveops, but I don’t play so many hours a day cuz I hate it, I do however expect them to live up to what they have made standard pull structure.


It’s your cash and your right to do what you want with it. Hope you get your refund. Good luck getting the Holiday Shiva. Happy holidays to you and all the survivors out there!

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Happy holidays to you as well :slight_smile:

Keep doing pulls please and report back to this thread.


Why even pull considering how they treat us…Jesus.

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You do as you wish and I will do as I, why continue to play if you feel so wronged as to feel you have any right to admonish someone for doing as they please with their own hard earned money?


Exactly that happened to me too. Luckily I shot a video of my pull and I can prove it.

I feel really good when someone pulls, don’t listen to those that wants to push developers toward actual gaming. It helps with balance like this.

It’s scopely.

Screenshot everything.


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