Did a 10pull... and game crashed


Hi… my wife bought coins and then did a 10 pull… except as soon as she pressed the button for the pull… the game crashed and rebooted. When town loaded again her coins were spent but she recieved no toons. Didnt get to see even the first door open for the 10 toons she tried to pull. What does she do next? Cant find a talk to support button in game options. She would like to get her 10pull back and try again cuz she spent the coins but didnt recieve.

Plz help




Seriously that stinks. Hope things get straightened out on your end.


There are no 3 stars anymore in premier pulls I believe


She has no new toons at all… not even any new 4*s


options, in settings you must touch the “Support” button then write in the search box anything something like " THIEVES", and ready to appear in the button contact us, they will answer you if the characters were received or not,


You will need to go to OPTIONS, Support, select TOPIC you issue best falls in. The in top right corner select the little message bubble to open a ticket.

Describe what happened and that you did not get any new 4-5 stars at all.

They will also need a transaction/receipt number of the purchase made on that account.


This happened to me once when purchasing coins and the game immediately crashed (thanks territories :confused:). When game rebooted my coins were gone yet my apple receipt was charged for the purchase. I notified support who as expected stated they saw no issue and that the coins had been purchased. So in response I had to contact Apple and explain to them the situation and was issued a refund.


I would contact Apple/Google for a refund.


Thx guys… ill pass this on to her.


Ya what prophet said. They will say they are “looking into it” until you get tired of waiting and eff off


This happened to me last year. She got the characters. The coins dont leave the app until the characters are received. I bet if you look there are probably 10 4* you didnt have before. Support will send you the list of characters you received. The door opening portion is just cosmetic. Characters are already in roster.


They are lookin into it. She did a 2nd 10pull and got hunter and 9 4* so… guess we will see.

Learned that form now on gunna screen the roster total b4 pulling so we know for sure.


Best of luck. Happened to me pulling over a year ago for revive Hershel which is now fodder. They sent me a list and all characters were in my roster. Bummer. Hope you have better luck.


Even if you screen shot your roster they will say you are lying and sold the toons for depot points. Best to just go through Apple or Google.


Hope Apple/Google helps. I have gone to Google in past and they always refer me to go to Scopely ;( Good luck