Did 9.3 nerf crit chance?


I noticed doing it during SR earlier this week when there was a tape reward, and seeing it in the current SR tourney for sure. Crits just are not proc-ing like they used to.

I see it in all stages, but even in overwhelming cases like blue stage with 36crit lead, 50 crit weapons, 50 crit buff all running, I’m having zombos getting in for a few whacks.

I did remember seeing a ‘bugfix’ about some cases where crit would incorrectly be set too high, so they were in messing with it, but I didn’t think that bugfix was an outright nerf.

Wasn’t sure if it was just bad luck, or just me. (am in beta but this is on live)

Crit change and Headshot rush

Noticed this also but I don’t think they’ve nerfed critical, I think it was more of a case of making Sr a bit harder because of all the 6 stars.


9.3 is Beta still - general chat is not the place for this.


Thats the thing though, if its real what is it about. Nothing in patch notes about increasing difficulty of SR, just that one bugfix note. And with all kinds of ‘crit proc’ abilities in the game, if some change only intended to affect SR bleeds into other areas, the impact can be massive.


Yes. A proper answer here:


It seem crit hits are nerfed for beta testers. Since the last update,muy critical hits are 30 ir 40% less than before. Today I fail to succeed in a zombie stage for reds with Rick 4* leader, 2luke,mirabelle 6* Andrea Carl healer.
All my weapons have 50 bonus crit( 30 +20 from slayer 1)
Never before I have suffered something like this.
This is so stupid I cant understand what scopely wants crit to work.
Sorry forma my english


Seeing this too. My Dwight led team would average about 4.8 crits per turn…down to about 3.8. My other teams went from about 4.2 to 3 per turn. It doesn’t just affect SR. I’ve noticed it with my walker team going for unassigned territories. Actually had 2 die going for a territory yesterday because nobody could crit.


One more AMAZING advantage to being a BETA tester…in addition to nothing ever happening…NOW we get to be put at a disadvantage for tournaments because we give freely of our time.
$copely never stops caring!!!


Yes Houston we have another 1240 on the salt meter :slight_smile:


This type of stuff is why I no longer am in the beta group. I always had the burden of extra bugs/ locked out from the game. I see no reason to ruin my live game to get nothing in return.


Honestly I don’t know if it’s just in beta cuz I don’t have that but the survival Road worked more characters than usual something seems to be different


I was wondering if it was just me; guess not.

I think there’s absolutely a clear difference in crit hits with the newest beta.

Would love for someone to comment officially on this.


Absolutely noticed this, thought I may have been going crazy after not seeing anyone else mention it. Not just SR, roadmaps and territories have seen far less crits. Kenny (or other +36 crit leaders) and crit weapons would usually get me 19/20 headshots, now I get maybe 16/20. I’ve actually failed to attack walkers in an empty territory with a crit team that could auto legendary SR easily.
Either crits have changed or maybe leader skill isn’t being applied properly.


Even with no crit leader bonus applied, I go with 2xluke(40 bonus crit for 2 turns) And 1 4* rick(30 bonus crit for 3 turns) and It seems critical hits works 50% of the time ,while It must be at least 80% (all my weapons have 50 bonus crit).


Funnily though, I am actually fairly sure that human enemies on SR have been nerfed. I remember the final stages having to set up a team and bringing a weak trait against the enemy was suicide. Now I’m just breezing through the human stages with a mixed team.

Humans down, walkers up?


I would agree with that. The humans have posed no problems but the walker stages became a giant pain in the ass. Crits are definitely down. Won’t accept any other answer. Like everyone else is saying here it used to be 4 of 5 most of the time now its definitely more like 3 of 5.

Cheap attempt to get us to buy those stupid kits or pay to revive? Never gonna happen. I would sooner stop playing.


I lost 2 designated crit teams on SR’s latter stages. My alert, Kelly led, crit team has never failed me on a level before, seriously. They’re my go-to guys for zombies and yet they weren’t getting those critical headshots and I was being mobbed constantly. I chalked it down to bad luck but now I’m beginning to wonder.


I usually manage to finish legendary without losing a single toon, or without retry any stage, but this time I had a real struggle with a few walker teams on legendary stages…which is never happened before. I though i became crazy, but now Im glad that I’m not the only one who notice this issue. Feels like the crit chance get halved…or something like that.

In the description of the 9.3 beta update:

“Fixed a bug where in some situations, certain effects were able to bypass the regular critical chance formula and exceed 100% possibility”

I suspect this fix may created another bug… ?!


Either that or, like the Faction Supporter apply button issue, maybe it was broken all along :laughing:


Beta should be completely separate sandbox - no impact on regular game. Just like every other software company does it. I have spent up to 40% of budget on testing tools and staff for- beta - is this new idea?

PS - This game is heavy on client side data - notice you never get logged out! It is a pleasure but a pain as VK hackers have shown (hint: learn encryption) but will complicate beta. All of these problems were solved years ago. I currently make GPS tracking devices - can I allow a bug? Never.