Did 6*'s ruin the game?


The bullshit boost they gave them did


Priya dies in 2 hits from 6* if buffed.

If you attack with Carl lead and defensive weapons, you can auto-battle Priya teams and win as her atk and rush aren’t enough to kill a Carl green and the only risk is confused toons killing your own team.

I’d much rather see 5* behind leads, if I see SR zeke for example, I can easily kill him round 1 and then the raid is pretty much over unless Pirate Zeke goes ham and procs every attack


IMO, cross trait weapons are fine, bound or unbound. The problem itself, is the strength of said special stat. Priya is the obvious example.

In almost every situation in dealing with Priya prior to having 6*s, it would result in the very likelihood of some of your characters being locked down for 2 turns, either by stun or confuse via her AR.

The release of 6* active skills/stats increase has helped with that problem on some level, but when Priya was first released, she was an easy steamroll over many 5* teams.


I still rock a full 5* team, so 6*s are much easier than dealing than Priyas.


Living on the edge! I still use some 5* but full 5* … too much work for me, I’d rather just auto attack with Tyreese


NO, they did not. SCOPELY did ruin the game


Not really for that purpose haha. I just don’t care so much about 6s yet since I despise war, plus I like hoarding their points for future LUs. That might change when I make my 6 Shiva as I’ll probably level her for leisure; I’ll keep my Ezekiel and Mirabelle unleveled :stuck_out_tongue:


That should be rare, usually it’s 30% proc for AD.

If you stun the AD , it can’t proc. Most people stun Michonne, then attack her to charge rush, the problem is Zeke guardian will cover her for 1 hit, so you only get 1 stun, 1 remove shield then 3 charges.

Therefore if you plan out who to charge and who to waste on the shield, you can easily win most raids vs. Zeke (if you have a stunner)


I know what you mean. However, all the special stat traits have the same proc’d rate. You just got really unlucky with that shield Michonne. I’ve definitely had like 8 stun procs in a row on my entire team, so that wasn’t fun as well.


I’m not complainin about 6* tho…I already have 16 , but scopely increased their stats because people were sayin bs about priya and other 5*


Scopely did though


I didn’t say you did, but I’m saying the argument that “because a certain group of players complained” doesn’t invalidate the argument. Most people got Priya because she’s arguably one the strongest characters in terms of mechanics at the time of her release, and probably still is in many eyes.


Lmfao. Omg I love this forum.

I voted yes but not the 6* themselves that ruined it. Imo it was the buff they did (right before CRW, too). For those who stuck it out anyway, we have been bombarded with stupidity from Scopely ever since, on a scale and frequency never before seen. When the exact opposite should be happening.


Yeah I understand your point , scopely fucked up tho


Where did you get enough silver medals to get 16 6*s lmao


Bad event planning and poorly structured progression through prizes or milestones is what is ruining the game


Think we had 130 matches or so in this weekend CRW. Over 180 factions participating in it. Que times were pretty quick. Great competition. Everyone still around after war that I know…kind of weird for a game that is ‘ruined’


I agree with this post. I think in many ways 6 stars improved the game, as they got rid of turn 1 teams and have made fights more tactical in a lot of ways. But the main problem is the implementation. 5 stars were massively devalued, particularily with the 6 star buff coming out of left field, and scopely is releasing far more new premier recruits then making existing toons ascendable. Also our expensive rosters are now being widespread given out for free, so I feel that when they are made ascendable they will pale in comparison to the new toons that are being released. Unfortunately the 6 star transition is turning out exactly as a lot of us expected: a mass devaluation of our entire rosters in order to sell more toons. Our existing toons can barely even compete anymore in the new game and they won’t be made ascendable any time soon, and by the time they are made ascendable several players will have already gotten them for free.


Hopefully they are part of this “revamped” 30 day pass! Lol not holding my breath though.


That’s not an abnormal result. It’s 30% each time, so to have it proc 12 in a row, considering the millions and millions of raids done during war… is not just normal, it’s expected.

It just looks wrong when it happens to us personally, but statistically 12 in a row is nothing crazy.