Did 6*'s ruin the game?

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Priya (and the likes of her) and RNG weapons did it before 6*s happened.


I beleive the game hit a wall with the toon rushes that couldn’t be over come. How they overlooked this, I have not idea. Simple math could have told you endless loops would happen.

That being said, their delivery of 6s is what has ruined the game. Making it 6s or nothing is where they went wrong. The buff before tier 4 gear. The high cost to ascend (8 toons???). The lack of roadmaps for ascendance medals. Etc etc.

This is where it went wrong. I could be gotten on board with something smoother, more tangible and less of a complete reset.


That is also true.

fucking holy shit 58 ap 6* characrers,i had never beatted them at all!

It’s not 6s themselves that ruin the game, it’s how they were handled like what TheSurvivor mentioned. 6s could’ve been one of the best things to happen to the game but no, stats were buffed to invalidate 5s teams, old 5*s are not being made ascendable, and they allowed 6s to be directly received from pulls even though they said they wouldn’t do that. On top of that, 6s are now required for events as shown by the constant level ups during the new threat event. Let’s just hope the winter event will be like last year.


Nope. The presence of 6* didn’t ruin the game, sure it was pretty much scopely flipping whales the bird. The idea of 6* didn’t ruin the game, it was the method in which they were released that is ruining the game. Scopely’s logic is “when life gives you lemons, squeeze them so hard you have to make up an excuse as to why there’s the outside of the lemon in the lemonade and why your fingers are broken…”

Also I realize some of my points were already said.


They threw off the balance. 5* are pretty much fodder at this point, with a few accpetions.

Didn’t ruin it, but the way it was handled has helped destroy it. Now what’s really ruining it is the constant levelup spamming and the neverending stupid milestones.


Problem is there aren’t enough of em and the old 5 stars should be made ascendable , this would balance it out more not just premier new 6 stars one every month not enough diversity every lead is either Carl or Miraboobs that’s not right

I’ve voted yes, although it’s not the 6* themselves that have ruined the game, as others have pointed out it was the implementation of new legendary toons that has ruined it.

I honestly believe if it wasn’t for the ‘no buying’ policy of the player base after CRW we wouldn’t have seen the new 6* era for at least another 6 months, maybe even longer.

But their revenue was on life support & rather than correct their mistakes and/or correct their errors they rushed out new meta before it was ready & before they had enough legacy toons ready to ascend. That ruined the game.

You know those plastic surgeons that fuck up some pretty girls face & recommend more surgery to correct it over & over until she looks like a plastic frog that melted in front of the fire just because she wanted to look like Barbie, that’s Scopely that is. Forever making things worse by chasing money instead of fixing the core problem.


I think that og blue Andrea was ground zero to the power creep virus…

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No, the lack of meaningful events and rewards were already a problem long before 6*

6* just temporarily moved the goalposts. The same problem still exists.

Not enough gear to level, yet when you finally can get the gear and level, there is nothing to do with the 6* since Faction Assault is 10 minutes of gameplay 2x month and war is only 2x a month.

When you compare to other mobile games, this game has almost no actual gameplay events.

With the rewards as is, we need more events period.

Blitz wars should be 2x per week, every week
SLU should be every 40 hours
FLU should be 2x per week, every week
Every week should be a regular war
1x per month CRW
New roadmap every 48 hours with a 5* from the wheel at the end. (24 energy per stage)


I voted yes, but in my opinion its the handling of the roll out and how its been handled since. 99% of teams are carl/mira leads with the same toons behind them. Its just plain boring. I could elaborate further on how to fix the problem but i would fall on deaf ears or met with a sarcastic/cryptic response.
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While 6* could have worked out, the way they were implemented broke everything. It’s not that I’m opposed to them, it’s how everything went down that is upsetting.

Maybe for f2p who were crying about it

I can use that same logic and say 6*s are fine, and they’re only broken when P2P players were complaining about how all their paid characters were invalidated.

And no, anyone with half a brain can see that characters like Priya, and others, were a significant step-up advantage that broke the game pretty badly. RNG weapons themselves are pretty unbalanced.

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I don’t see the point in justifying that 6* weren’t handled correctly.

6 stars have brought to the game next to none diversity, indirectly increased milestones for lvl ups and made every 5* useless.

4 months ago it was bad with Priya and Teresa, now it’s awful so yeah, 6*s ruined it.

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Honestly, I dread seeing Priya more than 6* teams; Ezekiel comes really close behind Priya if he lands those Guardian procs.

The bullshit boost they gave them did