Diamond Ring Collection - What to collect


Hey Everyone,

Looking for some help.

I currently only have one Legend at T2. I have 4 Ascendables ready but I do not know what type of Legend gear they are going to need. I don’t really know what gear you need for each legend type.
The diamond ring collection will end in few hours. I was hoping you could help me decide what to collect.
To ascend i have:

Abraham Road to Survival 4# - Strong, Citizen
Aris “Rise to power” - Fast, Peacekeeper
Javier “Done running” - Fast, Leader
Yumiko - tough, Soldier

What gear do i need to level them up all the way to T4?

Thanks for the help.




I am going to tell you by colours…lol
T3 need …yellow 6 knife sheath, red 6 practice dummy, green 6 sports gauntlets, blue 6 weapon tripods…plus a military watch and hand crank radio.
T4 need …yellow 6 Whetstone, red 6 double holster, green 6 hockey mask, blue 6 magazine bandolier…plus a canteen and GPS

Good luck man…!


Remember though, T4 also needs the T3 items

So to max a fast character you need 6 knife sheaths at T3 and another 6 at T4 i.e. 12 total.


Perfect! Thank you


Too late for rings, but could be helpful later on:


Really thank you guys. Without this info i wouldn’t be able to have now 1 Legend T4 and 1 legend T3! Perfect!


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