Diamond league?

Can somone clarify which prizes we have in different diamond leagues ? :slight_smile:

Arena prizes or just coin prizes?

I mean diamond league prizes / so yeah coins ? What is difference between lowest diamond and best diamond league ?

I am in Diamond 1 and it looks like rank rewards for this stretch are 9839 league tokens / 700 coins. If you are promoted to Diamond II and are in first it’s 12480 league tokens / 910 coins.

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Ok so 200 coins more if you promote

You get extra coins for being in the top 3. I thìnk diamond 2 was 715 coins last time I was in it. I’m not sure the difference but I think you get more trophies and league tokens from event ranks too

D1 700!coins D2 715, D3 730, D4 745 D5 760

You can get more trophies and league tokens, yes…
But even this way, it’s not worth it. I’m in Diamond 4, at the moment, and for the small amount of extra coins you get, it’s not worth it. It’s a constant grind, as you’re facing more active and stronger players.
If you ask me, get to Diamond 1, and plan everything so you stay in Diamond 1. 30 or 50 coins a week is not worth it. :wink:

That’s Diamond 5, right?

Yes, thats d5

Absolutely agree. I managed to make Diamond IV from qualifying, without even trying to get there. It was a hard grind and arenas especially was brutal. I dropped to Diamond III and was hoping to keep sliding down to Diamond I but for some reason I’m in the promotion zone. It’s not worth the extra work to keep up.

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I agree, its crazy hard for me to stay in D5, im f2p. But i stocked a lot raids refils and SR refils in past, so i can use it now. arena is crazy hard.

You get coins but you also get much tougher competition in arenas.

If you drop out of Diamond then you get a smaller chance of coins every week (from league promotion or champion’s arena) but you’re more likely to get veteran’s rings.

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