Diamond league reward changed?

So i took in the knife reward for diamond league and get this :

But then later i return to the shop to see this

Did anyone get the impair one or did everyone get the bad version??

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I got the 1st one. If they changed it need to make sure all who are diamond get same one. Its frustrating. If they can rollback andrea they can give us all right weapon

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They said that it’ll get switched to the correct one. Just have to wait <48hrs

And my “sold out” knife in league store has the large bonus exactly as yours pictured. This is f* ridiculous!

@JB.Scopely is everyone going to be given correct weapon. It was changed after most collected it

Thank you marks

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They’re doing something right for a change

not even been a week yet since andrea mess up, turkey map mess up , and now a knife mess up… whoever is on quality assurance sure is trying to get fired

I’m starting to think they never had anyone for quality assurance lol.

Can someone try a quick craft on it and reset it to see if it changes to impair?

Or get promoted all the effort ups caused increased revenue in the short term…

Resetting it works


Get rid of that ignu intern unless you all are trolling us @JB.Scopely way to many screw yps the last few days, one thing after another. Get it together please and thank you.

I did hear a little bird tell me that when you reset it in the armory, you get the new stats now, rather than later.

(ah nevermind, just saw someone already mentioned it)

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Gotta give the p2ps something to get I was diamond for half the season f2p before just running low on cans n shit and i get nothin

Works. Thx

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