Diamond League (HACKER)


Can someone explain this to me?

Keep on surviving


Guess what will happen? Nothing lol this kinda crap is almost encouraged

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the anti-cheat team doesn’t read the forums. Can you please report it following the instructions in this post:

It’s always the people with the messy names lol

This looks more like some sort of scopely mess up not a hack imo.

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I’ve had the same thing. My account in another region got placed in a Diamond Division that was higher than my main, even though I don’t participate in any PVP content.

That account is still somewhere in Plat now

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Even a b team can raid bruh. …
Plus this cat could be paying for survival club, which means he has money for cans,

Where is the evidence of a hack?

Could be his main account is diamond and once he unlocked leagues it just placed him in diamond. He is a prestige 12 so looks to be on Scopely side

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If he has cans, he’s not using them. Total of 3 raids, it’s in the screenshot.

What makes you think that he has money for cans if he paid for the club lol

Cuz only rich doodz pay for club lulz

This has also happened to me,it’s probably that.

Ummmm ok idk what logic is behind this one

I see your point. My bad.

But this guy could perhaps be the sickest territory attacker in history lulz. Just kidding

Yah u right, it ain’t right

He’s from Muscogee.

This happened to me in season one too. After transferring and recreating an account in my old region the baby account reappeared in the league

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