Diamond league arena rewards?

After being in diamond 1 for most of last season and ending up in diamond 3 at the start of This season i find the rewards are…the same? Just an increase of a measly 30 coins?? Wtf
Arena awards the same?? Pathetic
Should rewards increase as you advance in league and levels?
why advance at all only to end up wasting more time and resources for exactly the same rewards in arena as others in a lower level?
Really is stupid and doesnt exactly promote activity, more the opposite, this really is an issue that needs to be adressed.
Looks like two weeks of low activity to get back to diamond 1 then picking and choosing when and where to compete in order to stay there , as there really is no incentive to advance any further

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The league reward structure is attempt to make money not make sense.

Lol. And you just noticed that after 8 seasons?


This is unfortunately an issue across all leagues, I pointed it out not long after arenas were implemented.

Which is why I’m staying the hell out of Diamond (every time I get promoted to D1 I let myself be demoted to P5 again) and during the qualifier week I try to start in the lowest division of Platinum possible. This season it was Platinum 3, because I was very active in war, but last season I managed to start in Platinum 1 and climbed one division per week. Far better effort/reward ratio in Platinum, for sure.


Yep, imo it’s very bad right now. When I was in Plat weeks ago in first half of season 7, I ended like #1-5. And get lot of rings. Second half of season 7 I was Diamond and with the same activity, using similar amout of tickes and was like #10-15… Using 5 tickes-entry guaranteed me in Platinum to be #1-3 with all attacks wins. Now I got promoted to Diamond IV which for 5 ticeks-entry give me #30 so, not funny. Also being #1 in Plat give the same amout of tickets to entry Champions arena, which means that getting main reward is easier to get in Plat. The differences of gold per division is incredible low… i would like to get 10 more boxes which include rings or S-class colectibles than 50-100 guaranteed gold more…

Edit: only one thing which keep in in Diamond is weekly gold which we don’t have in Platinum (but it was also before arenas) but also important to mention is that between Diamond leagues i noticed 15 gold more, which is also… terrible?


errrr…no i noticed it before but thoight scopely would have done something about it after 8 seasons :roll_eyes:

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Yeah seems its better to stay less active and have a better chance in a lower league then being active, spending time and money In a higher league for less rewards? 🤷
Totally broken and counter- productive system
Sort it the fk out scopely, maybe #pu should take up the issue


Right, but it’s better to stay in Diamond because of weekly gold - for me, I am f2p. However, it should be increase number of rewards between divisions - for me it’s natural if you are higher in rank you need to get better rewards because there are lot of good players like you. They don’t know it :smiley:

Agree, incentives to be in Diamond are very bad, so I and many I know spend some weeks trying to play as little as possible so we can drop league divisions. Seems very counter productive, and certainly stifles my enjoyment of the game. But I need rings way more than I need coins.

Surely we should feel rewarded for doing better, not punished.

@GR.Scopely This needs to be addressed, please.

Aye, the advantage of sacking off Hordes in the qualifier stretch was that I’ve ended up in Diamond 1. I’m usually Diamond 3. Diamond 1 is far easier. Can’t imagine how easier lower Plat leagues are. Plus if you aim to place in Plat 1 during qualifiers like @Teresa suggests, then you can still pull in plenty of weekly coins via promotions. Might try and drop down to plat in a quieter week towards the end of the league, and try stay there so I can avoid playing in a qualifier week of the next league and start in Plat 1.

D5 and I’m out of my depth big time​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I ain’t worried about coins so I took a dive and swim on rings n platinum

Yep! Right now I’m #1 in Platinum 3, and if I secure the spot I’ll receive 835 coins. #2 receives 770 coins and #3 705 coins.

Last season I managed to be #1 in almost every stretch so I got a really good amount of coins:

This is easily achievable by any fairly active player. And as @Carl_Porter pointed out you’ll be swimming in veteran rings from Arenas :wink: (mostly in the bottom divisions of course).

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