Diamond faction recruiting


Hi all. I’m seeking players, either individually or as a group of up to 5, looking for a stable long-term home in the game’s coolest region, Colbert. I run Resistance Reborn. The last two CRW we climbed from 17th with only 23 players to 11th last time. We are looking to make the next step and situate solidly into top 10.


  • we do cooperative crafting territories and we all work together to keep walkers cleaned up elsewhere in terrs
  • we have finished first or second as a region in every CRW since transfers began. I believe they’d all been 1st except one.
  • GC, line groups, etc are fun, troll-free, and all about having a good time… This is a game, after all.
  • a large percentage of players lower D for raid tourneys and for special events where items drop in raids.

As for my faction, we’ve been around in one form or another since November of 2016. It’s a group of mature, war-first players with no drama and we lead by council. We are seeking like-minded people that always strive for top milestones and play because they love to compete and win.

Hit me up on here or in game. I hope to hear from some good recruits.



Here was our most recent CRW. ^


Zero replies


Thank you for your helpful reply. It’s been one minute. :slight_smile:


Anyone reply to your last thread about the same subject? See ur numbers have went down since that post.


Great group of peeps there. Good luck!


Yes, friendly person. I got a lot of replies. Most were scared of AP and insanity, both of whom are no longer in Colbert. ThanK you for your trolling. At least you’ll keep bumping the thread.

I’m just looking for a few new players that enjoy the game. I know the forums are populated by bitter trolls, but maybe there’s a few bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sluggers excited for a new adventure.



At least youre getting free bumps on your thread by trolls so i thought this troll would help out also… Bumpity bump bump


Still gets that dude no recruits so no matter


They more than likely message him or add him on line app, if they are serious at least they should do that as theses forums are mostly for messing around


Get off the forums. You post nothing worth reading.


Crimson STILL mad that I bumped him from a faction like 3 years ago? Lmfao. Wasn’t my fault I got recruited.


He doesn’t forget…like the time in Morgan when i took some territories from him and he cried for like a week on gc about how I’m a troll when all i did was play the game lol



This is getting good :smile:


I’m trying to keep it on topic. I’ve met great players from the forums and fingers crossed on finding a few more.


Góod luck recruiting … I’m doing the same and I’ll give ya a bump up to the top… Resistance reborn are a good group


Still here dude nothing you can do about it




Good luck Macs! I’m sure you’ll find some awesome players


The drink is. Not enough :smile:


Goodluck macs :+1: