Diamond 4 War Mishap


There were 33 factions in the Diamond league Division 4 leaderboard for stretch 4 which ended with the premier event of Cross Regional War. This was a chance for highly active factions to war endlessly to try and push to win the stretch. Except for two factions. Notorious (#1 faction at time of CRW and #1 overall on Diamond top 25) and Infamous (#7 at time of CRW and #8 overall on Diamond) were given a 6v6 war when all other factions were given 8v8. Now I am no math major, but have 2 less opponents to score on is a 25% reduction. Taking our war average from just over 48,000 per war match, to 33,800, which amounts to at 30% loss in points.
Was this considered at all when making matchups @SandySurvivor, @JB.Scopely? You cant pit groups together to compete against each other but handicap two of them. I will always give 100% effort, and if I lose, so be it as I will regroup, learn from my mistakes and come back better. But to lose due to no fault of our own is more than frustrating. As region, we outscored MANY regions and even would have been the top overall region in CRW Match Group 2.
Going forward I only hope that current league placement is taken into consideration when matching for CRW.

Want to add this: Difference in points of 14,200 per win. 177 wins by that difference is 2,513,400
Added to our overall score of 5,983,977 gives us a total of 8,497,377. The two pictures below show the clear disadvantage when we warred just as many wars as Illuminightmare but “lost” by over 2 million

*JB has nothing to do with matching, just tagged so can be passed onto the proper parties


Even our competitors comment on what a mockery this was.

Instead of promoted to solo diamond league 3 I was forced to settle for a demotion to diamond league 1 due to this bs.


Sounds fair to me they are the top faction in the game so wouldn’t make sense to give them a disadvantage so other factions can catch up


Damn that sucks. :-1:


I agree, they had to find a way to allow the other factions to have a fair chance
However, doing it like this seems real dirty, real real dirty. So dirty I’m gonna take a shower thinking about it
Sorry Notorious, even the company wants a piece of you


Srsly hated matching agains infamous & notorious.
The amount of lydia/erika teams with multiple revives/shields was out of control.

At least it helps to show how unbalanced & one sided this game is.
Keep surviving.


To be fair, we hated matching y’all. We don’t want to go against under matched opposition, we want to face other factions in our league.


Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I’ll discuss it further with the team and hope that it won’t be an issue when the next war arises.

Regarding the matchmaking, we do now largely map it with current league standings.


This dosen’t quite add upp. Why would it ever be 6v6? My CRW was weird as well, we were only matched with 7 regions instead of 8 which makes matching a but slower.


EDIT: i re-read the post, and see what you mean now

totally sucks


So did you just say you use league standings to make matchmaking? So I was right? They are purposely trying to slow Notorious down so others have a chance. If that isn’t black and white.


I don’t think there was any faction in diamond 4 in any of those regions they matched. Correct me if I’m wrong. Notorious may be arrogant and what not, but they should not be handicapped by the way you match regions. Add to that the 6v6 format and it’s an even bigger issue.


How could they not foresee this? What a total shame. Should be even playing field for all players.


The tinfoil in this thread is real. Notorious wasn’t placed in 6v6 because they’re at the top of leagues. They got placed there because scopely put the regions with lower numbers of active players in 6v6 match ups. They are a very big outlier in terms of region activity vs faction activity. The region basically has 2 active factions and 2 semi active factions. Did they get screwed? Yeah I think they did. Was it by the guy on the grassy knoll? No it wasn’t.


Agreed, I do not believe there was an intentional placement. Should be addressed going forward. Our region was as active if not more active than a good bit of the matchups out there. As I stated, our region outscored each region in Group 2, yet group 2 was 8v8 and we were forced into 6v6.
We wont see the exact numbers but regions like Irwin and Doughtry are marked as “low” on the region selection page, but alas, had 8v8


Don’t have to be a genius to realise that mixing up whether a faction has CRW or AOW and 6vs6 or 8vs8 is going to produce an unfair competition when it comes to solo/faction leagues.

If only Scopely would employ a genius to question their decisions once in a while…


Always give credit where it is due man :slight_smile:


This is just a question I have. Why does scopely constantly manage to screw these things up all the time? Sorry you guys got hosed. I ask you at what time do you give up because of scopely’s incompetence?

We were 8v8 and our whole region scored approx the same as AP.


Just bad planning to do that to your #1 overall leagues leading faction, piss poor planning, when these factions who benefited from it would have been just as mad
I wish that would happen to a few other factions, so they can understand the upset, and I heard Gov was lighting people up in the app
Let Gov back on forums @Bane how does he feel over this?


That you gov?