Diamond 1 players in Platinum 4 Bracket

Whitepanther is in MY fac and is in Diamond 1. This is a platinum 4 bracket. @Shawn.Scopely

Mine is dominated by Platinum people

Why are some in purple color

People in purple are diamond. Blue platinum

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Pitty the Bull, also in my fac, in my bracket, but in a different bracket entirely for event…

Read the event announcement: this is intended behavior.

Whether it should work this way, well… Personally, I’m more bothered by the fact that you can coin entries in the champion’s arena, but whatever.

Yeah at 250 coins an entry if you wanna buy them jokes on you

That would make sense then. But you’ve competed with the same bracket then getting dropped into a different one… Not sure why they did that. It’s supposed to be a League Event.

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Because it’s for champions, I guess? Doesn’t really make sense, because everyone who played their regular attack got the entry for free, but it seems sensible that they hold a bigger competition for greater rewards. Like CRW used to have better rewards.

Only so many tickets were given out in each stage. Unless people who didn’t earn tickets decide to buy entries the group would be pretty sparse.

Champions arena shouldn’t have a pay wall. The event shouldn’t either… But buying extra entries for champions arena is BS

I didn’t buy any tickets and I’m in 2nd in champion right now. I was also locked out for 2 stages

Haha they now added the cloud of war so you can’t see what crazy amounts people are spending.

That’s been there the whole time

I like how Platinum players are beating me because they’ve been able to win more tickets than my Diamond self


No it wasn’t the 1st and second place people in mine had 300k points and I seen it now they are the only 2 put in the cloud of war
Highest I got was 12th.

Well fog of war has been in since beta

Seems like it’s happening wherever it’s a mix between the two

Hopefully it highlights the problem even more