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Continuing the discussion from Short, sweet, and to the migration/merging point:

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In all honesty, even though we desperately need to have regions merged I am thinking if they ever did it would be a giant disaster. They cant get matchmaking eight equal regions right in a crw so I do not expect they will merge the right regions together at all.

I smell disaster either way. I also wonder what will happen to the current number ones if the merger drops them down a peg or two.

I’m not the one affected by regions dying off, but I hate to see when someone’s problems gets ignored like that. They deserve an answer about the status at least imho

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Maybe we should destroy it to the ground to start all over again

True but we all know Scopely’s modus operandi on any and all subjects…


The only thing they like more is to make threads disappear.

Finally you made me to do it :joy: thanks

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Awesome. Sam Beam is truly an amazing artist. :+1:

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Buy more promos of course

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They would have to be smart about a merger.

Also thing is…almost all factions would drop down a prize bracket or 2.
They would have to make personal milestones the bigger reward and faction rewards a nice bonus.
To encourage individuals more, move top players to lower factions so they can hit milestones and balance regions out more.
So it isn’t a total loss been loyal to a lower but very active faction.

Also to keep regions from dying again new players should get some sort of growth bonus to help them.
So new players aren’t put off from staying in a region and attempting to catch up to a decent standard.
Maybe open less new regions too so more new players can join older regions.

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