Devs please look-Old known Active skill not working on roadmaps returned

Everytime I have tried to use active skill on the pathway roadmaps it refuses to work. I noticed it awhile ago but thought maybe it was player error. Today though I figured I would try to do the last 3 stages on whispers and no matter what I tried it would either just shoot or nothing.
Is this part of the nightmare program or is it just a bug\feature?
I even gave a slight thought it could be my new phone so I flipped over so screen switched sides to see if it was but nope didn’t work.
Next I thought well maybe they removed the feature so I did normal stages and nope it works.
Don’t know if it would have mattered in winning but with the multitude other crap in game but trying to stun or any of the multiple things active skill does could have, maybe slightly helped verses shooting and setting off ar??m.
Anyway it’s a pixel XL latest updates and os.

Active skill is also not working on the nightmare bide rm.

Actives are saved from stage to stage, since you have a limited use, it wont recharge every battle. If you autoplayed, they might have used them already.

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I know that but when it is full but doesn’t let you use it it is broken

@JB.Scopely can you get this sorted out? It was\is a known issue. If I remember correctly, It has something to do with the left character spacing being wrong.
Here is a post about it. I tried to find that old one where a developer had commented about the icon being off and would be fixed, but there must thousands if not tens of thousands, about active being broken.

I do know revive active skill doesn’t work for some characters. League Season 2 Sandy and Ricks don’t work in SR

I can’t swipe left because the coding.
Well, I should say, I can swipe it left but because of coding it will not work.

@JB.Scopely what did the team say?

This still is broken. Tried different characters on the left, it will not work.

Can you please fix this I tried on great rm and with a faction support it does not work.

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