Developing Mid-End Game Team

Hey Everyone!

I’m TJ and new to the forums. I’ve been playing now for only about three months. Currently I’m level 32 with about 4100 reputation.I got in and fell in love and am really enjoying the game. I’m currently S10+ and want to grow my team to even higher heights. I don’t know what exactly I should be doing at this end of the game point. So objectives to focus on would be great, and team advice is welcomed!

I currently use:
Kyle - Road to Survival (leader) - Support role
Currently Ascended, 2nd upgrade and level 70 awaiting league points.
Used for 40% Health and Defense to fast and Alert and for disarm.

Glenn - Road to Survival - Medic Role
Currently on Veteran Level 24 and

Maggie - Life and death - Medic Role
Currently also good for healing and team stat boosting defense, recovers impair as well on active.

James (S class) - Damage Role
Currently level 110 (max for this upgrade) and needs 7 knifes for second upgrade.

Kapoor (S class) - Tank Role
Currently level 90 (Max for this upgrade) and needs 2 more rotting heads for upgrade.

I thought about swapping out my Maggie for a second damage role and if so, recommendations?
Also, I am trying to find out whether the s classes I have are currently good for long term knowing I won’t be able to upgrade them until gold bars and stuff come back as available. (even the free ones don’t go towards anything?)

Any insight is welcome, thank you!

If I was new I’d be working towards 6* priya princess mercer. You will probably murder most teams and have a lot of control too.

Go for priya. Her daze is handy and princess has normalize. Which will also come in very handy. May or may not want Mercer but he has a stun weapon. 5* weapons are what to shoot for. That means you need your armory lvl 20 + asap. I’m still getting there but I was slow to liking this game. That’s my suggestions. A good lead is invaluable and the current meta is red. I also use Raulito.

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I just picked up Princess, but who do I swap her out for once I have her leveled, etc?
And sounds like a good idea, I’ve been getting most of my buildings up as fast as possible.
Currently level 16 for my town hall (working on 20) but I have a ton of armory items, so once I do hit level 20 it’s on like donkey kong.
I just got over 1m storage for food and 1.25m for materials

Also to note, here are the ascendables I have currently.

  • Burce Allan Cooper - “The Best Defense”
  • Hengyen - “Typhoon”
  • Carl - “No Turning Back”
  • Romanov - “Road to Survival”
  • Zander - “Road to Survival”
  • Princess - “Lines We Cross”
  • Davie - “Off Kilter”
    -Denise - “Road to Survival”

Elaborate please?

I’m currently working on the s class heng yen. His weapon is pretty decent. Zander and his disarm are invaluable and underestimated in the game. I like him better then michonne and I have both. He also has command. I have Denise (newly) as well and I’m working on her bc she’s a revive plus she has that bow. Davie has a decent weapon as well. I also got Bruce. He has that confuse. So he will be handy too. I collect them and try out all different types of teams. I don’t have a set team. What I’ve learned abt building them is this: most need a solid lead toon, it makes a huge diff. Mods can make your team 10×stronger. Hp, deflect damage, the resists mods, ECT. Weapons make a huge difference. I always go for toons with weapons like Heng yen and priya. You can work with what they already bring… And try to compliment your toons ability with the other toons you choose. Following these things has not lead me wrong. Mostly I’ve learned from forums and playing and team mates. Another thing that weighs in is what type of region your playing in. My region is pretty laid back so Christa /Kapoor team carried me until I got S class Priya and Raul. Not many are running priya and Pete’s atm. I only really see them in war. Id keep building on What’s working for you. James is a beast. He’s good to build a team around. Like I said it varies cause what works for me might not for you. But I hope it gives you a few ideas.

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Lol poor Apex is always out of ascend medals :rofl: i would keep Maggie in that team, command is always great. In that team and based on the ascendables you said you had, Heng Yen would be good for damage tho. You need to work toward s-class toons and you need to craft weapons, stun, impair, etc. The war wheel was updated and Raven is in it and would be amazing to put on that team behind Kyle.

Oh and as for the toon to replace, i would say James, he doesnt get the lead skill, he is good and an s-class but he would be target number 1 if i came across that team as he doesnt get 40% hp and def

Thank you everyone for your insight and I really enjoy learning.

So who do I replace for raven then? I just invested into Glenn and hes higher than anyone else I have.When you said war wheel, what were you referring to?

Also, Wolfy, Appreciate your insight as well.
I agree that regions will differ, my big goal is to get to my weapons up and running soon.
I’m kind of swapping in and out just to see the overall gauge of whose strongest and currently this is where I am at. But seem hard stuck s10 - s10+

/edit: saw your additional post @How2Zombies Thank you for replacement idea.
I think James is a hard carry right now and I would dwindle without him, but maybe once I get raven and she’s higher level it will suffice?

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Also, general idea of how to build with mods?
If a character is damage based, is it better to have the mods cover the weaknesses for health and defense or amplify the damage and let the characters in the team cover the other weaknesses?

Raven is awesome! She has turn 1 elusive so when your team attacks or is attacked the enemy team wont gain ap to be able to rush, she also heals and has a nice weapon and she will get the lead skill benefit from Kyle since she is fast/yellow.

Still tho she isnt s-class and James is, i know, i know, people will go crazy on me for this, you do need to work on getting s-class but tbh focus on attack over defense toons. You could go for Raulito and put James, Kyle and Kapoor behind him. You could work on getting s-class Heng Yen and put him in James place also.

James is a beast. Idc. Right now for the average player that can’t buy the new S class , he’s one of the best. You might want to shed him once you get more S class but atm he’s one I dread seeing in a line up. Christa usually can pop him. But it takes some doing and he usually takes 1-2 of mine out with him. Depends on how much he’s tiered at. Even lower tiers he can be a pain. So your on the right path. I run a hp mod on 4/5 of my team and a attack on priya. The rest is resists and reflects and attack against alert bc of the current mood in game. Idk abt everyone else though. Good luck!

I like HP set as the meta is bleed right now which bypasses defense and hits HP directly. It depends with mods tbh, for example, Kal always has really low defense so i would mod him for defense or a decap like Tyreese, you want to mod for attack. If the toon does no damage and just like heals or does bleed or maim, no reason to add any attack and if those toons are on your defense team which i assume the team you have posted is then def and HP is the way to go

@Wolfy @How2Zombies

What would a build like this look like to reach s13++?
Team, mods, etc?

Need to level them all, need weapons 400 or more score, need gold mods leveled to 15 with decent stats. Im not sure about this but for example James doesnt get the lead skill from Kyle which i think can impact the team grade? @LadyGeek she knows more about team grades, more about anything in the game really lol

What the- ???Screenshot_2018-12-27-17-42-10-1

Yep . that’s my thing too. I love those gold hp. Lol. Use em on most of my team. He should work on leveling them all for sure just to have more 6* and choice .I was just giving him ideas on which bring what to the table. If you have limited medals that can be all the difference. Good advise!

Currently I have…264k ascendance and 763 legendary medals.
Not sure where this ranks.

I think you should switch Maggie with Hengyen. Glenn is really solid medic, because he attacks, heals, and also covers your team with guardian, so another medic on attack is unnecessary. Hengyen’s rush gives damage, bleed and control (stun). Plus, his active skill gives crit, which has a chance to increase Glenn’s crit so his guardian pops more often.

Bruce Allen Cooper is also a good toon to have on attack, as he has various methods of control. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you’re still starting out, you might have a faster chance of getting sclass Pete, since his blue keys are still dropping from war crates :joy:

What you really need is a good attack lead, someone who gives +40 attack and huge ap on attack. Alice is a red-green attack lead, and she’s currently on the war wheel. If you have enough war tokens, hopefully you can pull her from there. Then you can set up a Alice lead team with James, Kapoor, and Bruce Allen Cooper. :slightly_smiling_face:


I still dont understand the war wheel. Elaborate more please?