Dev Tracker Menu Link!


Hi Everyone!

I know sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating finding a direct response from the developer.

We’re here to help!

@Dash worked some CSS magic and added a few things.

Now, it should be easy to spot a developer post, they will look different, like this:

There is also now a link on the Nav bar called “Dev Tracker” which will direct you here>>

Straight to the Developer list. Click on ‘Activity’ to see just that!

Thank you everyone. We hope this helps a bit. :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: Appreciate it!!!


Yes that’s awesome. Forum is becoming better and better!


Super merci


Very useful! Thanks for this addition, makes it much easier to keep track of the more important messages like announcements and explanations regarding mechanics from developers.


@kalishane @dash could you also add such a link on the pull down menu with a new group “CM Tracker”?

I understand u don’t want to add a CM to the group Dev Tracker because of too much spam but Sometimes a CM does also post important stuff :see_no_evil:


I’m there David. I’m considered a Dev!


Shane: Current Mood



Hi Shane, I am not seeing you in the dev tracker list of members. Can you double check please?


I was a part of all – but that one. Thanks Dray!