Dev Pull Results

Seems like everyone like this kind of threads. So, post your results if you pulled for him.

Since there’s not much going on, decided to create the thread because inevitably some would create it.

Better question is why would you pull for Dev in the first place when there are way better toons available?

Would I work for him in a contest? Sure. Would I drop $100? Hell no. Dev :-1:t2:


also now that we know the odds, I suspect it will push people away from pulling

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Yeah, we knew they were crap but to see it on the screen does have a huge impact. Notice how there is no mention of odds anywhere and unless curiosity makes you click on the teeny tiny :grey_question: you wouldn’t know how bad they really are. 94% for a 4-star. Kiss my :peach:.

On the other hand, when I did a single pull for red Hershal and out popped a 6-star Carl I now feel like I beat the system :grin:

So long story short were gonna keep on pulling regardless. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you want dev… wait for red andea and pull, much better toon.

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Having that question mark there is great, anytime I think of going for anything, I click it as a reminder that I’ll never be happy with rod lol

Not really Andrea isn’t a problem you can ignore her till last really and with Connor being a yellow debuffer who is f2p shes practically useless she would be fantastic with a confuse active skill and a faster rush but focus makes no sense
There both as meh as each other the end

It’s meant to be in the end not the end
If I come across rude it’s cuz of dang autocorrect

@Mysterion If you click on the icon that looks like a pencil you can edit and fix your post.


Y’know, since people usually create topics about a leaked promo character, that topic can easily be edited to be about pull results. Seems like when a promo character is announced or leaked, two or more topics pop up about the one character. On the MKXM forums, the mods create the post about a challenge character and any other post regarding them is merged with that, creating less clutter.

I also made a post about the leaked version. But since that post is heading on a different direction, decided to create this especially for that purpose.

I’m not gonna pull for him and never did I intended to. Just started the thread the pops everytime a new char makes ot’s way into the game.

Not gonna pull him either. But that’s because I couldn’t afford to waste coins. I’m mainly hoping for necklace crates to show up. Either that or a 10 pull for the promo character available by then.

I’m saving for the next good character. Dev isn’t going to add nothing to my defence, so I’m gonna skip him.

I mean, he isn’t bad. Sort of like a Alert legendary Maggie; extremely tanky on a team with defense buffs. On a Lucas team, that would be amazing.

He is good, he can be a pain in an Erika team or even on the Lucas team. Would rather that he had the taunt on his rush.

All in all, he’s a good tank. If I was on my spending frenzy like a couple of months back, I would pull for him. Since I’m not, I’m more conscious of my pulls. Let’s see if down the road, he can be more appealing.

omg, that is creepy af! Please do not ever post that again :cold_sweat:

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