Destruction Level 4 - Alert Weapons Bug

This may have already been highlighted but I have made a video and would appreciate some feedback @GR.Scopely

I spent a whole heap of time and armory tokens to unlock Destruction Level 4 for Alert Weapons. Christa is a beast and she is a big component of my attack team so I wanted to boost the weapon I use for her. Here are the options:

I was lucky and actually got the crit success result that I wanted (When attacking, increase attack by 200% of this character’s crit stat), as seen below on the weapon:

However as per the video below, the actual thing being triggered is (Increase basic attack damage by 20% and basic attacks ignore defense bonuses.) which is not what I wanted and not what the weapon shows.


Is there a known issue here and what is the fix?

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Oh well that’s just great, you need a telescope to view the video. Sorry team.

Screenshot from video showing 20% after Christa attacks:

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The video took up way too much space on this post.

Anyways, it must suck to get your desired result, only to see it doesn’t even work as intended

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I think someone explained it like this. You have an automatic 10 crit on each toon and 200 percent of that is 20 therefor you are seeing it correctly

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Appreciate the response but I dont think that’s how it’s worded.

They have worded all other potential options accordingly, this clearly reads “increase attack by 200%” which would make sense based on Crit Attacks being hit and miss.

Either way a complete “dummies” explanation would be appreciated @GR.Scopely or @TayTron

Cheers :slight_smile:

You’re sorta right…but also it does say increase attack by 200%… by the character’s crit stat which is a base of 10

So that means unfortunately 10*2=+20 attack

I think that effect is for collateral damage toons or ones that want to proc a critical attack. Hope that helps


Ok so still a little confused.

The screenshot showing +20 attack…is that indicating 20% increase in attack or literally 20 on top of Christas 9,694 attack stat as show below?? If literally 20 points then what an absolute joke and surely not the intention @TayTron ??

I think it means literal in this case unfortunately which doesn’t do much for your attack team. But I would hold off on resetting it just in case

Yep will definitely hold off as for a 4th tier newly released super duper weapon feature a literal 20 point increase is beyond laughable…literally waaaay worse than the old 70 bleed strong weapon “crit success”.

Another point to note is that I’m not sure if it’s meant to be added on damage or to the increase in stats

What I would recommend is try to use a character that has a high crit and see what happens when the weapon is used. Maybe Hershel?

Hope that helps

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Just test this one out not too long ago. Works fine to me even tho I didn’t get 55% slow on it. Went 200% on that one battle. Mostly went 87%

I’m confused with 87% :confused:

I use crit chance with the weapon she was holding. Works pretty good to me.

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Ah ok I see where you get 87 now.

I am still confused in general as to whether it be 20 or 87 what does that mean?? % increase on damage done?? Base state increase?? Literally an amount of damage over and above??

The devs are the only ones to answer this properly I think.


I’m still waiting for this to be fix


Now that is a beast! Which is kind of my point…the text on your weapon is clear what it means and it is super powerful! I am confused as to the intended effect of my 4th slot…compared to yours it surely must be 200% the damage done when performing a critical attack.

Yeah some clarification would be nice. No one will use it if its meant to be a literal. Itd be a waste of armory tokens

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Yep I would want my resources back if that was the case…surely can’t be that so let’s hope for an explanation.

That would be super powerful on multihitters and would surely be the super crit. You got got a mediocre craft crit and it isnt worth much reset it and move on.

that +20 attack btw is because her base crit is 10, so 200% of 10 is 20 damage or +20 attack