Destruction 100% crit clarification (Results not question)

Since we haven’t had any clarification on this despite it being asked on multiple threads, I thought I’d share my very recent (past 20minutes) experience with this.
I used 2 cans and natural energy for 18 raids. Hengyen got to hit 3-4 times a raid so it is a sample size of 60-70. Not large enough for a complete guarentee, but reasonable enough to suggest the conclusions are correct.

Every single first hit managed to crit. Every second normal hit on the AR managed to crit (far smaller sample size of 18 for this one). However when he got a second bonus hit due to his weapon, it didn’t crit.
So my conclusion would be that it is a 100% chance of a crit, but this doesn’t affect the bonus hit due to his weapon. This second part obviously isn’t an issue to the vast majority of Fast characters.

Hope this information helps.


I don’t know what you are talking about but you seem to have put in some effort so I have you a heart!

Haha thanks. Talking about the 100% crit chance on the Destruction slot 4 craft. There has been much discussion amongst players whether 100% crit actually meant 100% or just +100crit. It was never clarified as far as I am aware by any Scopely Employee despite multiple players asking.

IIRC, double attack via weapons can’t crit so thats expected.

I also expected it to be 100% crit because it actually says 100% crit rather than +100 crit.

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Ah thanks, until just now I never paid attention to whether the second bonus hit crit or not, so that’s useful to know.

Doesn’t crit, can’t crit. Using this setup for him. It’s oh well, would make him a ton better but still.

Aye this is my set up. 4% off perfect. I’ll take that.

2nd bonus hit not being able to crit makes me think that it would actually be more beneficial to make an identical weapon but with +35%attack against opponents with 60%+ hp in the third slot. That would probably end up causing as much damage as a bonus attack procing would anyway (or probably more), so far more damage over all on average, since it only procs half the time anyway.

Only reason I wanted the 100% crit was to ensure headhunter got off and allow the ability to replace a crit mod with something else. Overall Hengyen is a support toon so I’m having him do his job. I’ve got Araav or James to make up the damage deficit. Although as of now can’t find a defense team I need to worry about having that extra bit of damage.

Give him a crit set with crit damage bonus bottom left and he does massive damage at Sclass. Obviously he doesn’t need increased crit chance, so give him a very high attack mod and a high attack on reds and you will count Hengyen as one of your damage toons not just a support toon.
My other 2 mods are stun resist and Ap down.

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hit crosshairs anyone he touches

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This is what I have, 0.5x1.5x1.44=1.08
So he is doing 208% damage on a normal hit (that’s not counting the bonus against Blue or Red).

Yea but a lot of things say something/scopes says something but it means different lol

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