Destroy all competitive gaming

@GR.Scopely u realize u just killed our war game with appointing us VS a dead region with 1 active faction. We can get demoted for this. Also we can’t get our milestones.

U should abort war. Our reset a day. Give all the players first. Place and milestone rewards. And move on. Now u just pissing of you’re customers.

I got this br0

I’ll to the team

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Working as intended… GR

We are aware of the issue with matchmaking and Factions not being able to start war as we are unable to take down the event, players should expect longer than usual wait times for the remainder of this Blitz CRW.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


The fix is simple. Everyone gets all milestones and the top war prize.

What a stupit event,onslought is way better event that this shit

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