Design a Character


How about it Scopley. Let each player design their own Character. We could chose the Trait first. Then we would be able to chose one AR from a list of say 10 and an Active Skill from a list of 10 them chose a Specialist Skill or Leader Skill from set lists. Have it be a month long event where you would need to collect “Stuff” to release things in the museum to use to design your character.


I really like this idea I did a thread on this of a very similar idea I would love to be able to customize my own toon


in my mind i read the comments of ppl here…
“wont happen cause it wont bring scopely money.”
its true but lets all say we want such kind of event instead of all the negativity.


Not meaning to sound negative but this won’t happen, not because of not making money or anything, but because the actual coding required to make customization within characters, even if its just to have a trait, AR, and leader/specialist would be 1000’s of combos which would mean tens of 1000’s of potential possibilities all which would need to be individually coded


You are wrong there i used to make my own games back in college and we had to take a course on coding character models and what not is very simple if you know what your doing and it would not be as hard as your making it seem.
And if they did do a event like this they wouldnt add 1k stuff you can add to your toon it would be more like stuff that is already on existing characters that would be easyer to program then adding more useless parts, they could even make a wheel were you can buy certain parts for said toon that could bring money in to a event like this.


And @ssandy sadly this fourm has been made already but i do love were your coming from here a event like this would indeed bring more fans to the game by making your own toon your basically living in the apocalypse right besides your favorite comic book heros and they already made fan made toons like Mattpatt and Yvette so none can say it would be breaking the lore.


Yeah, more complexity added to the game and more opportunities for scopely to mess up again.


New AR “the greater good”, decapitate self, revive all teammates heal all teammates and remove all negative effects and give 100% atk and def for 1 turn


That sounds like a yellow Earl on steroids


or adrenaline rush “heavy crafter”:
crafts a stun gun or impair rifle during raid


I’d pay good money for that


Like I already said on the Other Topic: I had so many Ideas still for any rarity and so on, but I know that could been a bit harder for them to really implement, so another Idea would be to design the clothes and Equipment of our Favorite characters and then in the end of the month the best 4 characters (one of every trait) would be implimented into the game for everyone to geht and they could get unique AR’s. The Other Creatin wouldn’t be lost of course. They could be used by the Players who created them, but are restricted to use one of 10 AR’s fitting there rarity. And besides all the Bikini Characters, some really good Designs would come out and way better then the current Designs by the Team :unamused:.


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