Depot refresh needs to be revised

I’m with many people on this thread about the game becoming to much pay for this and pay for that, heck if i buy a promo toon with just 1 mega pull i shouldnt have to expect to pay a further £28 to upgrade the character to make them playable.

But this is going further than just promo pulls etc, this is going onto actually being able to play your game.

yes theres a lot going on in the game, with there being almost 3 hours a week of non level up respite time, there is a lot to do in the game BUT

this is where Scopely you also maybe losing others in the process, many players are constantly frustrated with shop timed offers or promo offers, one week we may get a world refill / raid refill promo other weeks we go completely without forcing many players to opt for the Depot refresh.

I for one have always been a player who opts to use the depot refresh for most of my world/raid refills. it can be expensive if you take into consideration a 250 coin pull for a 4* is 390 depot points which is only 3 refills @100 depot points each blah blah

what is and has been the game killer for me is the obvious transition of the depot when 6* were created is the 1st slot where refills were always at has now been shared with characters 4/5*

on many occasions i have had to be forced to refresh the depot for refills because there were no promos running at the time or for some time to find that the next refresh has no refills, then the next. To the point where i literally CAN’T physically play the game for a while … sounds great for some people but this pushes me away from competing properly in level ups, which in turns slows down my need to want to purchase promos or anything else in that matter which then leads to a frustrating cross region war because of having toons i cant upgrade and make playable … which pushes the narrative that you would like us to spend more on trainer bags for level ups etc shocker

by this i mean, okay some aspects of the game should be pay if you want to play more than others i get it we get it BUT when you monetise absolutely everything in this game and adding insult to injury randomise it all to shit its going to get up peoples backs

my point is, im at the crossroads in this game, i want to play but i feel like im being forced out by your hands even when i do pay to play, when i want to have a quiet week of paying and use my 30 day pass coins etc and get nothing back from it.

whats currently happening that is causing my negative feeling about playing anymore:

Depot refresh

  1. 5 Raids
  2. 4* Shane
  3. 5 Raids
  4. 5* Tyreese
  5. 4* Rod
  6. 5 World Cans
  7. 4* Negan
  8. 5* Michonne
  9. 5 Raids
  10. 5 World Cans

thats 1800 coins and a weekly depot refresh for 10 world cans … do you understand why not just me but many players are pulling away from playing the game as much as they once did.

EVERYTHING is being made RNG and its not like a good rng where you would 4 great items and even getting the worst item of the 4 is still damn good, you create such a terrible contrast in items thats its unnaceptable

example: 275 coins for the harvest bundle, which is strictly geared towards the harvest promo event for farming or obtaining quicker the harvest characters in the museum … YET you include the normal booby prize of 300 elite item tokens (the very same item that can be obtained by farming 30 world energy in the world map) and its more than likely you will get the 900 elite item tokens rather than any of the other items.

When you keep on this route you are not only doing your paying/free to play players a disservice as even the free to play players obtain coins to purchase these a disservice youre actually doing the game you license a disservice and you only have yourselves to blame for a withering player base currently playing this game


Gonna quote myself here: :joy:

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I’m like you at that Crossroad and I’m sure many many more

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