Depot or Ascendance?


Getting some opinions here, what do you think is the best way to go about getting some needed characters? Ascendance has been a mild-hit-or-miss but Supply Markers are hard to farm if NMF doesn’t show up at least every two days and I don’t get the random encounter in YGL (let alone pass it). I have some trainers saved up between Bradys, Basils, to a few Ulysses, and some 3⭐toons I was gonna use for ascending. What does a extreme sale bring the price of an epic to? 30000-something? Still a little high but numbers I can make in a few weeks provided I stockpile and sell every single trainer I get. Except Lilith.

Also what I would like to know, for those who have gotten ascendable epics from ascension, how many times has it taken for you to get one? I’ve ascended more than half a dozen 4⭐s ranging from two Toughs, two Fasts, and about five or six Strongs. No Glenn, no Siddiq, no Gator, not even Clem, Marcus, or Ben. The results are basically “semi-decent or not-that-great leader skill”, “mainly a specialist”, and “DEFINITELY NOT ASCENDABLE”.


I burned through all my blue 4-stars - about 8 - and half my green 4-stars - about 4 - with no luck. I then started maxing out new blue and green 4-stars just to ascend them. In total I ascended over 10 blues before I got Siddiq and 5 or 6 greens before I got Glenn.


So just a little over half of your results before I theoretically get my first ascendable epic through ascending. At the rate I usually go ascending 4⭐s, it might be faster than Supply Markers.


I’d still go for supply markers. You can Glenn there too, but also Tyreese and Governor both of which are better than Glenn, Gator, Siddiq or Joshua who you can get from ascending 4-stars.


Opposite luck. Rosa was my second or third given ascendance character behind Rosita and Abraham. Martinez seems good but I have Zeke and his rush maxed. As for Kenny… well he’s average. Definitely fodder material. Him and blue Gov. But if Ty or Gov show up in the SD with an extreme sale, I’ll try to make the effort.


I had Something similar with Blue. First Attempt was Jason, Second Major Gavin, then Major Gavin again and then Jason again and then Lilly, the curse was finally broken. I already had Siddiq from the Wheel, but just wanted Darius and Bonnie :expressionless: