Depot Gear Markers


At the moment this is in beta and i have a few questions/Suggestions

What is going to show up in the depot? At the moment i have this ,

if the depot stays the same , this will be a pointless addition to the game . This should be used for higher tier gear, potentially GPS and Canteens so we can balance out our current supply.
stuff like bloody jackets and safety helmets can easily be farmed , and have no use being in the depot. Also if you bought back farmable gear maps we wouldn’t need the elite or ultra gear to be sold to us.

Secondly as the price is minimized for beta i dont know how much vallue you are going to put on these items, please make it so that we can basically sell items for a minimum of 90% of the price you are selling them in depot, no one is gonna want to sell 5 long coats for one night vision goggle etc.

This is potentially my biggest issue with this addition , at present when i go to sell items in beta i no longer get food for them instead i get these gear markers while that is fine for some of the rarer gear pieces that many will not sell for food, but pieces of gear like Waist packs , and compasses that we can farm fairly easily may be problematic , as may use theses items to hoarde up and sell for food in level up tournaments and by taking this food option away you are bringing in a potential problem as there is already a lack of food due to the amount of level ups we have, so can we gt the option to sell for gear markers or food.


Coin it so we can see what refreshes.

Side note I suspect this further screws us with like a 10-1 exchange rate for equivalent gear…


Hiking boots and below should still be food. Wtf. Just noticed they have tokens even for 2s gear… Wtf.


I say scopely ought to have bags of food for sale in the depot that take the equivalent amount of coins as they do to gear currently, and you can purchase as many as you can afford and they always take up 1 slot every time it refreshes. That way you can choose between getting food like the current model or getting gear with the new model. Everybody’s happy


What in the actual hell is this?! This will screw everyone very badly.


Seriously there needs to be a choice to sell for markers or food. This will really mess with peoples level up prep if it stays like this. Honestly this looks once again the devs don’t understand the economics of this game.


We will be addressing food and offering more ways to obtain it with this new Gear Depot! Details to come before official launch. :slight_smile:


Food bags available in the shop?


yup lol, that what worries me i use waist packs etc for food for the constant level ups , without that source alot of people are gonna run out of food fast.
Also il coin it if you pay me half ,im no Millionaire


If this is the case, messing with the game economy is not a good idea


Personally from my opinion restricting one avenue of food production and creating another isnt a great way to do things ,and often results in more problems than it solves (E.G. current gear maps.)

Also with this introduction does this mean that the farm able gear map is now officially dead, as that would make this depot redundant, in its current state


This looks fantastic. Should solve most of the gear issues that the ultra gear map created for some. Can’t wait!


No, no it doesn’t. It looks like a very good way to get more to quit.


Well some will never be happy. :slight_smile:


This seems poorly designed.

This should be focused on complimenting the current game play. Hiking boots and below have been sources for food since game launched due to their availability in world maps. Higher than hiking boots have been more restricted

This could be a nice nod if done well but as always I expect nothing but getting everything further nerfed in relation to what we spent years accumulating.

All I see when something is being ‘offered’ is how ridiculously poor the game economy has become between ascension fodder, silver medals, gold medals, and trainers.


lol :joy: . They nerfed everthing ,else why not nerf food production . Great way to make more money just like nerfing gear farming has



I’m sure you’ve done this. When you try to sell gear directly from the inventory, is it any different? It’s still being sold for the new tokens?


At 1st glance I hope the quantities increase. That’s about it.


Yes it is a new layout that redirects from the inventory screen to this.