Demotion because of updates

Can we please have an update on what’s going on. I don’t want to be demoted.

They are doing it on purpose and will ignore the mess ups this week (expect more) so people forget about Mr. Jones or the Halloween tokens gate.


So do I uninstall and re install without Beta??? I’m in real danger of demotion. Also I didn’t take advantage of Mr.Jones. what do I do?

Dont uninstall beta, a friend of mine couldnt reinstall the game after…been 2 weeks for him fighting support.

And I feel demotion is good thing, tad easier comp on leaderboard

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Scopely is asking the same thing.

I agree, how is demotion a bad thing right now :joy:

It’s a challenge for me to ever get demoted and I try my best every single week.

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